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February 6, 2022


Bad MMA Bets is a new tipster account on our list, and we have been reviewing it since January 2022. The owner of this account contacted us and asked if it could be reviewed, which we always consider as a good sign. On the one hand, this behavior shows that he wants exposure through us, but on the other hand, he shows a willingness to be fully exposed.

Read our objective analysis if you are interested in detailed information about this MMA tipster.

Bad MMA Bets – Pros and Cons

Bad MMA Bets – Tipster Details

Bad MMA Bets is a specialized betting account that exclusively predicts martial art fights and events hosted by popular organizers such as the UFC, Bellator, etc.

Such Twitter accounts are certainly always fascinating, for the simple reason that there are not many of them, so it is challenging to find quality ones, especially free and quality ones.

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Betting niche:

As we mentioned in the previous segment, Bad MMA Bets deals exclusively with martial arts betting tips, and you will not find betting advice on any other sport on his account. It mainly covers bets from the UFC organization, which is certainly the most popular in the world and which gathers the best MMA fighters.

Bad MMA Bets – Subscription cost:

For now, Bad MMA Bets puts predictions on his Twitter account, and all these wagers are completely free. Each individual bet is nicely explained and presented with appropriate graphics. Overall, a very pleasant Twitter account in the visual sense.

Ease of use:

If you want to follow betting predictions from Bad MMA Bets, there is no need to have a special account at a certain betting site. Almost every online bookmaker offers matches that he predicts.

However, in order to get the best odds and the lowest margins, we recommend that you use proven global brands, such as Bet365 and 22bet.

Preffered sportsbooks:

As for betting site recommendations, Bad MMA Bets does not prefer to do so. Each of his predictions comes with the recommended odds but without the recommended betting sites. Also, it is important to note that this is an account that comes from the US, so the odds are shown in the American format. If you have trouble distinguishing between different types of odds, we suggest you read our article about it.

As for betting sites that have solid odds at events hosted by the UFC, Bellator, and other companies, we think these are betting sites Bet365, Pinnacle, and William Hill.

Trust & Fairness:

It is too early to draw any conclusions regarding trust and fairness, but the very fact that the owner of the account wanted to be independently reviewed by us speaks in favor of the fact that he has nothing to hide.

Summary – Yes or No?

Now, after some time, we can freely say that this account is quite quality and offers its customers solid service. High average odds, a small number of monthly tips, as well as a very interesting betting niche are the biggest advantages of this tipster.


Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 3.5/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022-present-3.55 units-1.86%2.41225950130

Stats By Season

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January-3.55 units-1.86%2.41225950130

Stats By Month

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January-3.02 units-55.00%2.429306
February+6.93 units+77.03%2.4114905
March+4.27 units+33.62%4.3817809
April-0.49 units-4.11%2.5913508
May+5.87 units+46.97%3.1416907
June+0.34 units+1.93%3.012613013
July-3.64 units-15.21%2.712812016
August -0.40 units-1.14%2.783915024
September-7.77 units-22.20%3.003511024
October-5.65 units-20.18%2.552810018

Monthly Reviews – Bad MMA Bets

January 2022

During January, Bad MMA Bets placed a total of nine bets and placed a total of six units. Unfortunately, this month was not profitable, and he made a negative result of -3.02 units, with a negative ROI (-55.00%).

However, we never make our grades after only one month, and we are looking forward to the results in February.


February 2022

After a negative first month this year, Bad MMA Bets ended February very nicely, making a profit of +6.93 units, with +77.03 ROI, which is really impressive.

What we like at first glance are the high average odds, but as this is only the second month to follow it, we leave it under the review badge.


March 2022

March was another good month for BAD MMA Bets followers, as this tipster made a solid profit of +4.27 units and + 33.62% ROI. Although, at first glance, its numbers in the profit segment do not look impressive, it is necessary to look at the ROI and see that these are really good results.


April 2022

April was the second negative month for this tipster this year, but the result was really negligible, as the month ended with -0.49 units and -4.11% ROI. After four months, this account received a RECOMMENDED badge.


May 2022

After a relatively weak April, Bad MMA made a fantastic result in May and made a very solid profit for its followers of +5.87 units and + 46.97% ROI. The overall performance this season is more than impressive and we are happy to continue to follow his betting predictions.


June 2022

Unlike some other events where there is not much action in the MMA sport during the summer, almost every week there is an event. Bad MMA Bets had a slightly weaker month in June, but it was still a positive month. The record in June is +0.34 units with +1.93% ROI.


July 2022

It doesn’t often happen that this tipster has a negative month, but unfortunately, in July, he made -3.64 units with -15.21% ROI. Despite the fact that the month was a bit worse, the overall record is still more than good, and we are not changing our opinion.


August 2022

August was not the best month for this tipster, but the negative result he made was not catastrophic. In fact, this month it had a small minus of -0.40 units and -1.14% ROI, which is really not terrible. In general, the year is positive, but the form is in a slight decline.


September 2022

Unfortunately, September wasn’t kind to Bad MMA Bets, as he recorded the third consecutive negative month this season. After an excellent start to the season, the summer and autumn months are a bit worse. This month he recorded a loss of -7.77 units and -22.20% ROI. Still, the overall result is slightly in the green.


October 2022

Bad MMA Bets’ freefall in form continues. The fourth consecutive negative month, which is really strange after the excellent beginning of the year. This month, the followers of this order achieved a minus of -5.65 units and -20.18% ROI. Unfortunately, we have to return the UNDER REVIEW badge, as the results are quite unstable.


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