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August 14, 2023
Just Beffore The Off


Horse racing, often dubbed the “Sport of Kings,” is steeped in tradition, dating back centuries. This thrilling sport is not only about the speed, stamina, and agility of equine athletes but also the myriad of strategies and anticipation surrounding each race. From today, we will track another horse racing tipster service called – Just Before The Off.

This is one of the newest tipsters on our radar, and we hope to see some good results.

Just Before The Odds – Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons

Just Before The Odds – Tipster Details

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Summary – Yes or No?

I’m not a prominent expert on horse racing. Still, in my time, I saw many mediocre and bad tipsters in that niche. We will see how this tipster will show.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 0/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2023-+3133.00 units+11.65%2.102801520128

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2023+3133.00 units+11.65%2.102801520128

Stats By Month

2023Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
July+125.00 units+3.68%2.203418016
August+529.00 units+12.68%2.004223019
September+776.00 units+13.80%2.106038022
October+8.00 units+0.12%2.107132039
November+1695.00 units+24.20%2.107341032

Monthly Review – Just Before The Off

July 2023

The first month was pretty solid for Just Before The Off tipster. We will see what the future brings.


August 2023

In August, we saw a pretty decent performance by this tipster with +529.00 units and +12.68% ROI. A very positive start.


September 2023

This was the second consecutive month we have followed this account and the second profitable month. In September, Just Before the Off recorded +776.00 units with +13.80% ROI. Very good results so far.


October – November 2023

In these two months Just Before The Off managed to make a considerable profit. In October, it was minimum profit, but he boomed in November with a decent number.


Author MilosNS

MilosNS is our senior content writer, SEO guru, and first ever tipster who started working with us, and he is still here. He is a well-known name in the sports betting industry, and his knowledge about anything betting related is vast. If you have any questions, or doubts, MilosNS has the answer for you.

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