Sports Betting for Beginners

The sports betting industry has been experiencing significant development in recent years. Land-based betting shops can be found at every turn, but there are also a large number of online sportsbooks that offer the same, if not better, conditions for players than local bookmakers. So we decided to make an article that explains sports betting for beginners and thus help our readers who are not too experienced in this branch.

At first glance, it seems pretty easy to bet on sports, but if you scratch a little below the surface, you will quickly realize that sports betting is a challenging job and that it takes a lot of knowledge and discipline to be successful in it.

In this article, we will try to write a short guide to betting for beginners, or point out the basic tips and tricks that you can use if you are a beginner in sports betting.

Betting on Favorites

One of the first and fundamental mistakes made by beginners in sports betting is the assumption that each favorite will win and thus put a few favorites on the combined tickets in the hope that it is a safe bet.

First of all, it should be noted that betting on combined tickets is far less profitable in the long run than betting on singles matches, as well as the fact that betting exclusively on big favorites is also unprofitable in the long run.

This is due to the fact that unexpected results happen every week, and even the great Real Madrid does not win every week, but at the end of the season has 75-80% wins at best.

Money line Betting and Spread Betting

Betting on a winner is so-called “moneyline” betting. With this bet, you bet on a simple and direct victory for the team you play on. This type of betting is the simplest that can be found in sportsbooks and is therefore the easiest type of betting for beginners. However, it is not always the most cost-effective.

Handicap or spread betting is far more cost effective. There are several types of handicaps, but the most important is the so-called “Asian handicap“. You can read more about this type of betting here.

In short, with the Asian handicap you bet that your team will win, but you often bet with how many goals difference your team will win.

Betting on Goals

This form of sports betting is also quite simple. You are betting on how many goals or points will be scored in a given match. This type of betting will not be a big problem for beginners in sports betting, although you should keep in mind that there is an Asian type in this market as well, so we suggest that you get additional education before entering the waters of sports betting.

Odds Movement

There are not many articles that deal with sports betting for beginners, which explain why the odds are moving in real time. Surely it has happened to you in the past to enter a local bookmaker and not be able to place a bet on a match, or that it is lower than the one on the list.

This also happens in online sportsbooks, but in real time. So, when there is a large number of payments on one outcome, or simply a large amount of money is paid in one outcome, bookmakers move the odds down and thus level their chances of losing.

The fact that the odds “fall” on a game is a good sign that this outcome could be a winner, but this is certainly not the rule, so we advise caution.

Betting Bank

This is a million dollar question for every beginner in sports betting. There is no universal answer, because everyone has a different budget for sports betting, but the proper way to manage your bank is to play mostly single bets and not to put more than 5% of the budget per bet. Our advice is to play per bet with 2-5% of your budget, as this way you avoid the possibility of going bankrupt quickly due to a bad series.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, sports betting is a very complex discipline, and you need to be not only happy, but also have the knowledge to be profitable in the long run.


  • Is it possible to make money from sports betting?

    Of course, it is possible, but it is much harder than it seems. Namely, in order to be able to make money regularly at the bookmaker, you need to be highly disciplined, as well as to have an elaborate investment system that will protect you from the inevitable bad series.

  • How to make a safe bet?

    The absolutely safe bet that is 100% sure exists in theory, but in practice, such situations are very rare. Namely, there is a sports betting strategy called Matched betting, in which the player places two opposing bets at different odds and thus makes a profit for the bettor.

  • Is underage betting legal?

    Unfortunately, underage gambling is prohibited by law in all countries of the world, so it is not possible to register a user account if you are under 18 (in some countries, this limit is 21 years). Our advice is not to try to do something like that because underage gambling is punishable by law.

  • How to watch live football for free?

    Although there are cable operators that have several sports channels in their offers, it often happens that you want to watch a game, but it is not on the program. The solution is to register at one of the betting sites that offer their users the option of watching live sports events (live stream option).

  • How to bet on football?

    If you want to be like other successful bettors, you must first be disciplined and know how to use your betting bank in the right way. In addition, it should be borne in mind that it is extremely important to choose the right bets, which have a certain value.

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