Tipster Reviews

Did you ever wonder who the best tipster in the world is? Who can produce constant profit long-term, and who can beat the betting sites? If so, your search is over! Welcome to Bet Experts Tipster Reviews. The place where you will find the monthly reviews of a selected group of tipsters and betting services that offer betting predictions and tips on the Internet.

Why Do We Review Tipsters and Betting Services?

The main reason why we started doing Tipster Reviews is primarily that we wanted to answer two questions:

  • What are the best tipsters on the Internet, and
  • Which tipsters are honest and transparent, and which tipsters are frauds.

Nowadays, when the demand for quality betting tips is enormous, many dishonest individuals and groups have appeared. Those people sell bad tips and imaginary fixed games to inexperienced customers, cheat them and take advantage of their naivety. On the other hand, there are simply bad Tipsters, who charge for their services, and when they see that they are not profitable, they try to fake their results.

These dishonest tipsters and services are a great disgrace to the world of sports betting, and it is necessary to clearly and loudly separate quality people from liars and fraudsters.

Which Tipsters Do We Review?

Before we started doing tipster reviews posted on Twitter, we had been scouting a large number of accounts for over a year. This is because we wanted to filter out the best accounts, which can make a profit in the long run. At first, we selected ten accounts to start, but our project met with a tremendous response, and over time, we increased the number of accounts we tracked and reviewed.

The whole process started on the Twitter timeline of our chief reviewer Milos (@milosnsns), who published the results of selected tipster accounts monthly. Even today, monthly tipster reviews can be read on this account every month.

How Do We Review Twitter Tipsters?

Finding the best football tipster on Twitter isn’t an easy task. For this reason, we have decided to create a real Tipster League in which we monitor and review various free and paid tipsters on the Internet. Each month, we collect data from each account we track and present and compare our results to our readers with the official results posted by tipsters.

In addition to the monthly results, we state in our reviews whether a particular tipster is free or paid, as well as what style of betting a particular tipster has (staking method, monthly volume of bets, and odds availability). All this is critical information for the average reader because, in this way, he can get an accurate picture of the quality of a particular tipster account that he wants to start tracking.