Moneyline Betting – Beginners Guide

April 2, 2024

Every bettor in the world was a beginner at one point. Some have learned from their mistakes, while others have excelled at educating themselves by reading content that can be found online. The portal is just such a portal. A safe place for all players – from beginners to hardcore professionals. As such, we always strive to provide our readers with quality content. Therefore, today, we present an interesting topic concerning the most popular and simplest bet you can find on all premium betting sites – moneyline bet.

Today, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about moneyline betting, from the essentials to some advanced strategies that can help you make money from betting. And don’t worry—we were all beginners once. And remember, it is not shameful to ask. Nobody was born with ultimate knowledge.

Editors’ Choice: Best Moneyline Betting Sites 2024

First, every bettor has to find his favorite sportsbook. It will be your main tool for online betting. Without a quality betting site, you will not be able to bet correctly. Here is our selection of the best operators for moneyline betting.

bet365 Bet365
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Without any doubt, the Bet365 betting site is synonymous with quality. This British bookmaker has the largest number of active players and is undoubtedly considered one of the best online sportsbooks in the world. Thanks to its fantastic offer, Bet365 attracts both recreational and professional bettors. When we add to that a fantastic platform for live betting and the possibility of mobile betting, it is clear why this is so.

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20bet 20bet
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If you are looking for a site that offers a vast number of betting options, be sure to check out 20bet. This excellent crypto betting site offers its players not only online betting but also a fantastic casino with a large number of casino games. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to look at this online bookmaker’s offer. We are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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22bet 22bet
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Bettors who like to bet on quality odds should pay attention to the 22bet betting site. This operator is known for its competitive odds and margins. Also, with them, you can bet live on a fantastic live betting platform. In general, few brands can match 22bet. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best online operators on the market right now.

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Moneline Betting Explained

Without getting too philosophical, the moneyline bet is the most straightforward bet you can find in any online bookmaker. Simply put, with this bet, you choose the team or player that will win the match, regardless of the scoreline. Unlike other bets, such as handicaps and accumulator bets, this bet is simple. If you pick the winner of the match, you will make a profit on the bookmaker.

NOTE: All bookmakers set odds on moneyline bets in such a way that they value the probability of winning. This means that favorites often can only bring you only a small profit.

Because of their simplicity, moneyline bets are very popular among bettors. Also, professional bettors love betting on the moneyline. What’s more, experienced players often play moneyline bets, especially on the underdogs. You can find some fantastic bets in our Bet of The Day section.

How Do Moneyline Odds Work?

When talking about moneyline betting odds, you need to know the following. The best online betting sites calculate the probability of a specific team winning since the teams are often not equal in quality. Therefore, moneyline coefficients vary depending on the match and the teams playing it.

When you want to bet on the favorite, the odds range from 1.01 to 1.99. If the odds are higher than that, then your team is definitely an outsider. Also, with American odds, the favorite is always shown with a + sign, while the outsider is shown with a – sign. You can read more about different types of odds in our article here. Additionally, in matches where it is expected that there is no clear favorite, bookmakers set coefficients that are more or less identical.

How to Successfully Bet on Moneyline?

Making a profit on moneyline bets is quite simple. It takes “just” to guess the winner. Of course, how much you will win depends on the size of the odds you played. If you decide to play on a bigger favorite, the odds and profits will be lower. On the other hand, if you play underdogs, you can definitely make more money.

That is why it is essential to choose your bets wisely. For example, if you bet €100 at 1.10 odds, your profit will be only €10. This means you must hit ten bets in a row to double your bankroll. You can always use free online calculators if you have problems calculating potential earnings. They will show you the exact amount of possible winnings.

Parlay Betting With Moneyline

What’s fantastic about this type of betting is that you can string together several of these bets to make a winning acca of the day. The more moneyline bets you place on the acca, the higher the odds and, of course, the higher the potential profit.

Of course, there is one condition. The more matches you place on the ticket, the less chance your acca will win. For example, if you place five different bets, you must hit all five. Otherwise, your accumulator bet will be lost. Of course, there is also the possibility to play system tickets. You can learn more about them on our portal in the section – BETTING SYSTEMS.

Why Do Moneyline Odds Change?

The odds change very often before the start of the match, and bettors often do not know why this happens. We have decided to explain this situation to you. You will see several of the most common reasons why online bookmakers decide to correct the odds. With this knowledge, you will know how to recognize a situation that can bring you profit from betting.

  • Betting activity: is the most common reason why odds are moved. If a large number of players pay for one outcome, bookmakers try to adjust the odds to balance the payments. In this way, they reduce the risk and make a safe bet for themselves.
  • Injuries or changes: If the star player is injured and cannot play, online bookmakers can adjust the odds in relation to this news.
  • Weather conditions: Weather can be one of the deciding factors in matches played under clear skies. Bookmakers can adjust their odds accordingly if there is rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.

The most important thing is that you follow the news before the match itself. This way, you will be able to check whether the drop in the odds is justified.


Whether you are new to sports betting or an experienced bettor looking to improve your performance, moneyline betting can be a great move. This way of betting is easy to learn and a great way to make a great profit. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. It still requires a lot of practice and knowledge from bettors in order to maximize profits.

If you properly use the information in this article and on the entire portal, you will be able to progress. Remember that sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint, so always think ahead and never lose your temper over a lost bet.


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