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May 3, 2023
Better Winnings


It is time to introduce another service that showed a willingness to be reviewed by our team. Better Winnings is a Twitter account with around 16.000 followers that runs a paid tipping service. We started following this tipster service in January 2023. The important thing that we would like to underline is that this service has a recorded P/L that runs from 2021.

In the coming months, we will follow the work of this tipster service in detail. We hope that our reviews will be favorable and that he will prove to be one of the better tipsters we follow on the social network Twitter.

Better Winnings – Pros and Cons

βœ… Nothing for now β›” Nothing for now
Pros and Cons

Better Winnings – Tipster Details

This tipster service mainly focuses on footy tips, but sometimes you can find some other sports on his account. For example, he will pair a good football bet with tennis or rugby to get better odds. A pretty interesting approach, which gives him solid results. Also, we must underline that this service uses only reputable online betting sites and that advised odds are easily achievable.

Overall, if you have a valid Bet365 or 22bet account, you should have no problems following his plays. And that is undoubtedly very important when you choose your favorite tipster or betting service.

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Better Winnings – Subscription cost:

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Summary – Yes or No?

It is still too early to make any judgment about this service. As you know, it takes at least 3-4 months to be able to give the first assessment. For now, everything is going more than well.

Overall Rating:
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 4/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2023-+1369.67 units+7.51%2.267743892383

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2023+1369.67 units+7.51%2.267743892383

Stats By Month

2023Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+503.50 units+18.89%2.4311158053
February-284.85 units-11.46%2.1710947062
March+114.40 units+4.69%2.2210955054
April+14.87 units+0.62%2.2010550253
May-65.45 units-3.69%2.207636040
June+19.45 units+1.95%2.074422022
July+235.40 units+15.80%2.136637029
August+41.75 units+3.93%2.305023027
September+289.65 units+28.68%2.193219013
October+498.05 units+46.96%2.203826012
November+2.90 units+0.35%2.233416018

Monthly Review – Better Winnings

January 2023

In January, Better Winnings achieved a profit of +503.50 units with +18.89% ROI. An amazing start to the season.


February 2023

This tipster service had a negative month in February with -284.85 units and -11.46%. Hopefully, they will bounce back in the following months.


March 2023

In March, this tipster service bounced back and recorded a profit of +114.40 units with +4.69% ROI. It is always nice to see that a tipster can get back after a negative month.


April 2023

The fourth month of 2023 was again profitable for Better Winnings. This month they recorded a profit of +14.87 units and +0.62% ROI. Not as impressive results as in previous months, but still a green month.


May 2023

After several profitable months in May, this tipster recorded a loss of -65.45 units with -3.69% ROI. Ups and downs are quite normal, and we give him a basic 3/5 grade now.


June 2023

June was again a green month for this tipster. He recorded a profit of +19.45 units with a +1.95% ROI. It is still early to assess him in total, so mild grade.


July 2023

Another fantastic month for Better Winnings. In July, his followers managed to make +235.40 units with +15.80% ROI. We hope to see more months like this one.


August 2023

From seven months so far, this tipster recorded five profitable months. In August, he recorded a profit of +41.75 units with +3.93% ROI.


September 2023

One of the nice catches from our team this season. A solid tipster that recorded +289.65 units with +28.65% ROI in September.


October 2023

Yet another excellent month for this tipster service. In October, he recorded a profit of +498.05 units with +46.96% ROI. We hope that he will continue with good performances.


November 2023

In this month, Better Winnings had a profitable period, but his profit was minor, with just +2.90 units. As I always say, it is better to have a small profit than a loss.


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