How to Bet on Basketball – A Beginner’s Guide

Sports betting is an extensive term that encompasses many disciplines and sports that appear in sports betting itself. Rare are those players who can be successful in multiple sports and multiple leagues within a single sport. It is for this reason that sports bettors choose to specialize in specific leagues and sports in general. In this particular article, we will write about how to bet on basketball.

Basketball is one of the sports that are very popular among sports bettors. Along with the undisputed football and tennis, it is one of the sports that has the highest volume of payments in online betting sites throughout the year. What is interesting about basketball betting is that there are not as many betting markets as in football, for example, but even so, betting on basketball is extremely interesting and can be very profitable.

Tips on How to Be Successful in Betting on Basketball

In this article, we will not talk too much about those main tips related to sports betting (discipline, bank management, betting systems, etc.) for the simple reason that there is a series of educational articles on our site, which you can read here and which can help you improve your knowledge of sports betting.

Yet, here, we will write about tips and tricks specific to basketball betting because betting on this sport differs in some finesse from betting on football or tennis. Namely, basketball is a much more dynamic sport, where surprises happen more often than in football, especially in competitions that have such a schedule during the season that it is played every other day or a couple of times a week (NBA or Euroleague in recent seasons).

For this reason, it is necessary to have a broad and quality knowledge of the leagues and clubs that compete in them so that you can gain an advantage over bookmakers and find odds that represent value. It is almost certain that if you manage to gain good enough knowledge about individual leagues, or clubs that compete in those leagues, you will be able to make more than a good profit and find the answer to how to bet on basketball.

Another crucial thing is to choose the way you will bet on basketball. In addition to pre-match betting, live betting can be very profitable. This is because betting markets in basketball are moving fast and often have huge jumps and falls, which can be very nicely used if you know what to expect from the remainder of the game.

The more you learn about betting markets available in basketball betting, the more you will be able to find the mistakes of sportsbooks when it comes to setting odds and lines. And when such mistakes are found, it usually means profit and money in your pocket.

It is essential that you upgrade your knowledge of betting markets and the teams and leagues you follow during the season. This is because betting sites adjust the projections of some teams during the season, and you have to react accordingly.


We hope we were able to answer your question about how to bet on basketball. Betting on this attractive sport can be very profitable in the long run. There are many games to bet on daily, and every day there is an opportunity to find value in one of the offered matches.

It is especially important to upgrade your knowledge of teams and leagues, as well as follow daily reports and news. In this way, you will be able to gain an advantage over bookmakers and take advantage of any omissions that may show up in the odds or lines.

Just stick to the golden rules of sports betting, which are:


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  • How to bet on basketball and win?

    Although there are a number of strategies offered to online users, betting on basketball can’t be put under one mold. It is essential to know what possible bets you have at your disposal, and it is also vital to choose your bets carefully. Discipline is undoubtedly the most crucial virtue of any good sports bettor.

  • Where to find the best basketball betting odds?

    There is no online betting site that does not offer its users the option to bet on basketball. Yet, among all these sportsbooks, some have better odds and margins than others. Here we primarily mean Bet365, Unibet, William Hill, and Pinnacle. These four bookmakers are certainly of the highest quality in this segment.

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    Prop bets fall into the category of special bets, which bettors can place on certain players and their performance in a specific match. So you can bet on the number of points, rebounds, assists, or steals in the match, which is a very interesting way of betting.