How to Bet on Esports – A Beginner’s Guide

Esports betting is an extensive term encompassing many disciplines and esports that appear in sports & esports betting itself. Rare are those players who can be successful in multiple sports and esports, also multiple leagues within a single e-sport. For this reason, bettors choose to specialize in specific leagues in general. In this article, we will write in detail – how to bet on Esports.

Esports is not as popular as sports mainly because it’s brand new. “Esports” itself means electronic sports, in other words, a sport played on console / PC, which you can also use a more popular term in “gaming.” Esports itself is not just one game. There are plenty of games in Esports; almost think of it as how there are different sports under the “esports” category.

If we are to use an example to understand it better: sports = football, basketball, tennis, rugby, hockey and so on. Esports is the same, except that it’s games instead. So it’s like this: Esports = CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), COD (Call of Duty), LOL (League of Legends), DOTA, Valorant, FIFA, and so on. As stated earlier, esports is still brand new and is evolving, and it will only get more significant within the years. Best betting sites saw the potential of esports, and many reputable brands offer esports betting to their customers.

Tips on How to Bet on Esports Successfully

In this article, we will not talk too much about those main tips related to sports betting (discipline, bank management, betting systems, etc.) for the simple reason that there is a series of educational articles on our site, which you can read here and which can help you improve your knowledge of sports betting.

We will write out tips and tricks on how to beat the market long term to stay in profit and make some money. In esports, we can take CS: GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) as an example, considering most of the bets on our site are CS: GO, so this would be the perfect view for beginners. Most of the games are best of 3. This means that each team will get to pick a map each and ban the remaining maps until there is one left, which will be the decider of the series. In total, there are seven maps so look at it this way:

The remaining map will be the last one, also called a decider.

Some of the bets we post will be Team X to win map one or map two depending on the pick, which we will explain later why it’s an advantage over the betting sites. With that being said, if there aren’t any bets that say Team X to win map 1 or 2, it will most likely be a team to win straight up. So like this: Astralis ML, which means Astralis = the team we bet on, ML = money line = in other words, to win.

Why are Map Bets so Profitable?

Map bets are profitable because some teams are better on specific maps. So as stated earlier, there are seven maps, and usually, the team that bans a map is a map they aren’t very good at and don’t wish to play, then they pick a map they’re good at. Of course, the other team may be good at a map the opponent chooses, but usually, long-term betting on map picks will put you in profit. So what do we do here? We find out which team picks a map, and when we find out which team picked which map and we feel like there is an edge (+EV bet), we will post it for our customers to take.

How Do You Know Who Picks What in Some Tournaments?

Mainly we use a site called, which is the leading site for CS: GO, and there you can track everything from teams, roster, news, matches, and so on (recommended if you want to get into CS: GO on another level). Either way, CS: GO has many tournaments. Some are online; some are played on LAN (which means teams travel and play from the same building in front of a crowd). The way “seeding” works in some tournaments, the worse team, will get to pick the first map. So this is much easier for us considering we don’t have to wait, and we can take a bet a few days before and sit on an excellent +EV spot.

These tournaments are usually the best ones to bet on. If there is no seeding, we typically wait 10-15 minutes before the game and find out who picks what map, and you will be able to get on a good line before the bookmakers adjust the lines. Nowadays, many betting sites give boost odds promotions and other types of bonuses, especially to esports bettors, to increase the popularity of this entertaining sport.

Example of a +EV Spot in Esports Betting:

Suppose an ML game has 1.95 – 1.95 odds (including vig, of course). That means the map bets will be the same odds as well as the money line. So what happens here is, when Team A picks map 1, it will usually go from @ 1.95 to @ 1.70 mark because it’s their map pick, and they’re usually better than their opponent, so it drops because of people getting on the line. Pinnacle is the first bookmaker to adjust first, then other bookmakers like Unibet / Bet365 follow with. The good thing here is, by the time the other bookmakers adjust to Pinnacle, we have time to get on the line and sit in an excellent +EV spot.


We hope we were able to answer your question about how to bet on esports. Esports betting is an attractive category that can be very profitable in the long run. There are many games to bet on daily, and every day there is an opportunity to find value in one of the offered games out there.

Just stick to the golden rules of sports betting, which are:


  • Where to find the best esports betting sites?

    Currently, there are classic but also specialized sports sites that offer their users the opportunity to bet on this sport. We recommend betting on esports on traditional, licensed, and legal sites. Only in this way can you protect yourself.

  • How to bet on esports?

    In this article, we have explained in detail the best ways to bet on sports and make a profit, but it is undoubtedly important that you learn the basics of sports betting before you start betting. For this reason, there are a large number of educational articles on our site.

  • What are the best esports betting sites UK?

    Without a doubt, there are a number of quality betting sites UK that offer sports betting. Our recommendation definitely goes to bet365, Unibet, and William Hill. For any of these sites to opt for, you will certainly not go wrong.

  • Where I can find betting tipster reviews?

    Finding quality betting tipsters on the internet is no easy task. For this reason, we make tipster reviews on our site every month in which we show our readers which account to follow.

  • What is esports?

    Esports is a term that explains competitive video gaming. Competitors form teams and fight against each other in certain video games. The most popular esports video games are League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

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