How to Bet on Football – A Beginner’s Guide

Although we have been in the sports betting industry for over 15 years, we will never forget how difficult and frustrating it was to start betting. At that time, the internet was not so developed, and when there were not many tutorials and guides with tips for sports betting fans. We have always been particularly interested in how to bet on football successfully. Now, after more than a decade, we have decided to make this article for you.

Unfortunately, while many think it’s enough to love football or watch it enough, that’s not entirely true.

Knowledge of the game and teams is undoubtedly a plus in the world of sports betting, but true football betting professionals have a much broader knowledge than just knowing the game of football.

Betting Terms

There are many betting terms, but here are some of the most important ones:

Stake: A stake is the amount of money you place on your bet. This term essentially represents the amount of money you are willing to lose.

Single bet: Aa single bet is a bet where you place a wager on only one match. If can either win or lose a bet.

Combo Ticket: The Combined Ticket or ACCA (COMBO) is a bet where you bet on more than one match and thus predict the outcome of more than one match. This type of bet is much riskier than a single bet and is not recommended for those players who plan to make money from sports betting. You can read the difference between single bets and combined tickets here.

Half Time/Full Time: It is a bet where you bet on the result that will be at halftime and the end. So two bets in one. Quite a risky type of betting, considering that there are as many as nine possibilities for how the match can end.

Banker Bet: The holy grail of sports betting. This term represents something that is closest to a safe bet.

Total Market: With this bet, you will bet on the number of goals that will happen during one football match. This type of betting is suitable for beginners, and if you have ever wondered how to bet on football and be successful, this betting can help you successfully embark on the waters of sports betting.

DNB: The Draw no Bet is one attractive betting market that helps you lower the risk. Your stake is refunded if the match ends in a draw with a DRAW NO BET bet.

Double chance: This is a bet where you will play that your team will win, or the match will end with a draw. The odds are lower on this type of bet, but there is also a greater chance of success.

Types of Handicaps

When thinking about how to bet on football successfully, it is safe to look for the best games offered by local and online bookmakers. In our humble opinion, online betting sites are much better for players. There are many reasons for this, and one of the basic ones is that online bookmakers offer various types of handicapped football games.

There are two main types of handicaps you can play:

European Handicap: This type of handicap is not much different from the classic 1X2 game; only one team is given a goal advantage.

Asian Handicap: A type of handicap that allows you to choose how many advantages you will give to a team. The Asian handicap is pretty complicated at first, but don’t despair. Here you can read our detailed article on the Asian handicap, which will explain to you in many ways what the Asian handicap is and how to use it in the right way.

Over or Under

We have already mentioned that the Over/Under market is relatively popular among the vast majority of bettors worldwide.

Not only that, in online betting sites, it is possible to play the Under/Over game on the number of corners, the number of yellow and red cards, free kicks, shots on goal, etc. There is also a market with Asian goal lines, but we will talk on another occasion about that.


As we have already mentioned, advising on how to bet on football successfully can be very tricky. This is because sports betting is a very sophisticated and, above all, demanding job. However, here are a few more quick tips to help you with sports betting:

Choose your favorite bookmaker carefully: There is a large selection of bookmakers, and each of these bookmakers has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally choose bookmakers that have lower margins, proven fair to players in the past, and have good bonuses and promotions. On our site, you can find reviews of all respectable bookmakers. Each of the recommended brands is legal, licensed, and known for never trying to deceive its players. In addition, a large number of these brands on the same site, in addition to sports betting, also offer excellent online casinos.

Choose your bets carefully: It is not wise to bet with your heart. Please, don’t bet on the teams you support. This is one of the most important tips anyone can give you when discussing how to bet on football.

Sports betting is not a sprint: Sports betting is a marathon. So you shouldn’t expect to get rich in a short amount of time. Patience is one of the best qualities that anyone who successfully bets on football can have.

Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose: Sports betting can quickly turn from fun into an addiction. Be careful not to invest more than you can afford. If you have problems with betting, seek help.


  • Where to find profitable football betting picks?

    Fortunately, you are in the right place. The Bet Experts portal publishes free footy predictions for its visitors on a daily basis. No registration or download is required. You just need to visit our site every day are read our free picks.

  • Where to find the best football betting sites?

    There is no online sports bookmaker in the world that does not offer its customers the possibility of betting on football. Of course, there are better and worse sportsbooks, and on our site, you can find a list of recommended betting sites with detailed reviews.

  • Who are the best tipsters on the world?

    Many sites can be found on the Internet that offer their users free or paid footy predictions. Unfortunately, a large number of these sites are not of good quality, and there are a number of those that do not show accurate results and thus deceive their users. We suggest that you choose the pages you follow carefully.

  • What is Asian handicap?

    The Asian Handicap is a unique kind of betting market that is very popular all over the world, especially among professional players. With this type of handicap, players get a better chance of making a profit and that is why this betting market is so popular.

  • Which is the best football betting welcome bonus?

    Although there are several types of betting bonuses, we believe that the best bonus is the one with mild wagering requirements that the player must meet. Namely, if the wagering requirements are strict there is no chance to meet them and then any bonus is not good enough.