Free Tipsters

Today, it is easy to find a large number of free betting tips and free tipsters on different sites. The best examples are Blogabet and Tipstrr. Also, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok provide additional content to potential consumers. It is not at all easy to find ideal people who you can be sure are real professionals.

The Bet Experts portal team has taken on the responsible task of collecting and evaluating a certain number of Twitter accounts that offer free betting tips. These best football betting tipsters selflessly share their analysis on Twitter. You can find out how profitable they are and whether you can trust them from our objective reviews. Additionally, we divided our reviews into three categories: paid, free, and blocklist. This page is dedicated to Robin Hood tipsters, who do not ask for anything in return except for the occasional like.

Not only football tipsters are on this list. You can also find accounts that follow other sports. We are especially interested in NBA tipsters and UFC tipsters. All in all, this is an exciting list with quality tipsters.

How Do We Rate Best Twitter Tipsters?

In order for a betting account to be evaluated in the right way, it is necessary to take certain parameters and arrange them correctly. We have a unique evaluation method, which we will now briefly explain.

BETTING NICHE – In this segment, we explain which sports a certain tipster suffers from, as well as what his favorite types of bets are. Of course, since it is a general tipster, we should mention that, although there are very few of them these days.

PREFERRED SPORTSBOOKS – A very important segment. Every follower needs to know if it is possible to follow a specific tipster. If he does not use popular betting sites, it means that his free betting tips cannot be easily followed.

TRUST & FAIRNESS – This needs no special explanation. If there is no trust, you will hardly be able to follow free betting tips in a relaxed manner.

Who is The Best Paid Tipster?

This is a category that changes very often. Best football tipsters very often decide to open a VIP service and rarely remain free for a long period.