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The Bet Experts portal is a safe place for all sports betting fans. A team of experts analyzes a large number of matches every day and posts them completely free of charge on our predictions page. Regardless of whether you prefer football, basketball, or cricket betting tips, we are here for you.

All analyses, daily betting tips and predictions that we post are checked in detail by our experts so that they analyze statistical parameters, check the latest information about the teams and current trends.

See which are the best daily betting tips we have prepared for you.

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Free Betting Tips on Bet Experts Portal

It is important to say that we are not like others. Readers are our priority, and we provide such content to our users. Of course, we understand that everyone wants to read betting tips today, but our site also has educational content. With it, you can expand your knowledge about the sports betting industry, from the best sure betting tips strategies to the popular payment methods and online casino games. For this reason many visitors decide to visit us daily. To learn something new, and to profit from our free tips!

In other words, we are not just a site with predictions, but we try to provide our visitors with a complete service. Here, above all, we mean pointing out that betting is dangerous and that it is necessary to be responsible towards yourself and your money. That’s why we always emphasize that the most important thing is that sports betting should be fun. If it is no longer fun, there may be a gambling addiction problem that must be approached seriously. Never gamble with money you are not prepared to lose. Surely, this is the basic rule of sports betting.

How We Choose Our Daily Betting Tips?

To be profitable in sports betting, you must have quality tools. We are primarily referring to verified user accounts at best betting sites. Having accounts in quality online sportsbooks is crucial when betting on sports. In this discipline, sometimes even the smallest details mean the difference between victory and defeat. Our Bet Experts portal has a vast database of the best betting sites worldwide. You can read detailed reviews and make sure which sportsbooks match your preferences.

Each of our betting 1×2 tips comes with a sportsbook proposal that gives the best odds at that moment. Every betting site we recommend is legal, licensed, and safe to use. Our favorites are betting sites 22bet, 20bet, and Ivibet. You will make the right decision if you choose any of these brands.

Furthermore, when you open a new account with any of the recommended bookmakers, you get the opportunity to receive an excellent welcome bonus. In our reviews, you can read all about the quality of these bonuses, and there are also articles that explain how to collect these bonuses more efficiently.

When you have chosen your favorite betting sites, we can move on to other essential elements necessary to profit from sports betting. Because it is not enough to have quality free betting tips if you do not know how to exploit them.

Profitable Betting Strategies

daily betting tips
Betting Strategies

Although this is a very complex topic, we will mention only the most critical elements that need to be considered. Perhaps the most important of all is money management. This skill can save your betting bank when negative series come. Let’s be completely honest here – no person in the world can be 100% successful and constantly give sure betting tips. That is why knowing how much to invest in each prediction is essential.

Our suggestion for most bettors is to use a flat stake system. This means that every bet goes with the same stake. And the size of the stake should be from 2% to 5% of your betting bank. So, if you have €1,000 to bet, each bet should be in the range of €20 to €50. That way, you save your money. Of course, there are other staking strategies, and you can read more about them here.

Additionally, it is necessary to know if there are sure betting strategies. Many sites on the Internet offer their readers an easy way to make money from sports betting. Be very careful with these sites! Most of the strategies they advertise come from the online casino industry, which means they are not intended for sports betting. Additionally, none of these strategies is 100% profitable. Here we are primarily referring to negative progression systems, the most popular of which is the Martingale strategy.

If you are interested in this topic, you can find articles about it on the Bet Experts portal. We always honestly inform our readers and point out possible problems they may encounter if they use them.


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Our Team of Experts

In our team of experts, we have people who have been in the sports betting industry for many years and who have a lot of experience. Every review or analysis of the match is done on a professional level, objectively, and with great dedication.

Currently, there are several people on our team of experts:

Bianconeri – Bianconeri is “The Jack of All Trades” in our team. He always loved sports betting and enjoyed exploring and explaining betting strategies and systems. His main goal is to help people understand how sports betting works and how to make a profit from it. In his free time, Bianconeri loves to ride his bike, and as he is a nature lover, he often enjoys taking short trips to the woods, where he can listen to the sounds of nature.

You can follow Binaconeri on Twitter, or read all of his picks here!

RimProtector4 – A man who does not know how to surrender. As well as the basketball players he bets on. Nature, mountains, and walks are his passion, and the ideal vacation is to spend days camping with his dog Curly. Probably because of his contact with nature, he is so calm, and often, his predictions have such cold-blooded reasoning.

You can follow RimProtector4 on Twitter, or read all of his picks here!

Mr. Reddington – We don’t know a man who follows more sports than Mr. Reddington. He is one of our most profitable tipsters, who successfully gives free predictions from basketball, football, formula 1, NFL, and many other sports.

You can follow Mr. Reddington on Twitter, or read all of his picks here!

MilosNS – MilosNS is our senior content writer, SEO guru, and first ever tipster who started working with us, and he is still here. He is a well-known name in the sports betting industry, and his knowledge about anything betting related is vast. If you have any questions, or doubts, MilosNS has the answer for you.

You can follow MilosNS on Twitter, or read all of his picks here!

Sports and Leagues That We Cover

Football Leagues

Our sports experts try to cover as many sports and markets as possible to find the best matches for you to bet on. We currently have experts in football, basketball, and tennis and experts for E-sports, Moto GP, and Formula 1, because we believe that these are markets that offer great opportunities when it comes to finding value bets. In the future, free tips will be placed on these sports as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding leagues you would like us to cover and write analyses, as well as regarding sportsbooks whose reviews you would like to read or betting systems you would like to learn about, please write to us, so that we can consider your suggestions and meet you. Best regards.


  • Where to find free daily betting tips?

    On our Bet Experts page, you can find more than ten free betting tips every day. We mainly cover soccer and basketball betting, but you can also find betting tips from tennis, MMA, NFL, and NBA. It very often happens that we have predictions from eSports as well.

  • Do you offer sure betting tips?

    In order to be profitable in sports betting, it is essential to understand that there are no sure betting tips that are 100% safe. Everyone who sells betting tips like this are fraudsters who want to take your money. If you follow our tips, you can count on the constant growth of your betting bank.

  • Can I get bet numbers prediction?

    As we stated on our website, you can find free betting tips from a large number of sports and leagues. We do not sell our services, nor do we offer dishonest tips to our readers. Our goal is that we all together beat betting sites on a long run.

  • How to find crypto sportsbook?

    If you are looking for the best crypto sportsbook, you can look at our list and browse all quality betting sites. We have over 40 recommended betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies.

  • How to understand betting odds?

    First of all, you need to know that there are five different types of betting odds. The most famous are Decimal, Fractional and American. If you want to know more about any of these three types, we suggest you look at our beginners guide page.