How to Understand Units Staking System – A Beginners Guide

February 2, 2022

Sports betting is not easy, as it seems at first glance, so you need to master several disciplines to be able to bet profitably. The world’s best bettors are excellent mathematicians and disciplined people who know the rules for managing their finances. This article will talk about what the unit staking system is and how to incorporate it into your betting routine best.

What are Units in Sports Betting?

Staking plans are a vital part of every bettor’s sports betting adventure. Here we will educate you about what units mean and how to use them properly. Let’s start with a definition and explanation of what Units are. Units System is a plan for your stakes when you bet. In other words, you create a system over your sports betting economy to make a profit long term. In plain words, a staking plan is a method that helps you determine how much money you should risk on a single bet.

What is certain is that making a good staking plan is one of the biggest obstacles for young and inexperienced bettors. This is because many inaccurate or dishonest articles on the Internet do not show the whole truth and promise impossible results with specific staking systems. We always suggest less experienced players use a flat staking system, as it is the least risky, and we also always note that negative progression systems, which are more than dangerous, should never be used.


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Unit Staking Strategy

The unit staking strategy is somehow unique for the reason that for each bet you place, you make a calculation and determine the amount of stakes depending on the value of the bet. Most professional bettors use this investment plan because they believe that this is the best way to make a profit. We will now explain how the unit staking system works with a simple example.

Let’s say you created a unit sizing of 1-3 scale. One unit means that you’re betting on a game that doesn’t have as much value as it would if it were to be higher. For example, you’re taking @2.00 odds on a bet that you believe that correct odds would be @1.85. That would leave you with a +0.15 value meaning that one unit of your bankroll is the right stake on this bet. This situation most often happens in daily betting, so we can say that the highest percentage of bets is with one unit.

Of course, there are situations when the size of the unit increases, but this happens much less often and only when you find that the value of a bet is high enough that a bet with a larger stake should be placed. Many top betting sites sometimes leave room for players with their odds, and then it’s the right time to place a bet with larger unit stakes.

How to Determine the Size of a Unit?

It’s different for everybody as bettors like to have different scales of bankroll divided. Some use a 1-3 units scale, where others have 1-5, and some even have 1-10. We would recommend betting 1% = 1u of your bankroll. Most professional bettors use a 1-5 unit scale, sizing five units as a “max bet.” Of course, this leads to the logical question of how we know when a bet is good enough to be “max bet”?

A max bet is not something that comes around a lot. It all depends on the markets you bet on, so it’s hard for us to tell; however, we could create an example so you can understand the concept of it.

Say you are betting on a football game on a big market. Again this is only an example, not an actual bet. If you see the odds on Real Madrid to beat Elche were to say @ 2.20 in this case because of players ruled out. You then find out that star players like Benzema, Vinicius Jr, Modric, etc., get ruled into play, which means the odds will drop heavily. Say the correct odds were to be @ 1.20 with their full lineup; this would leave you on a LOT of edge, meaning that it’s a max bet = 5 unit bet in this case. This only applies if you were to catch a good price, so if you got anything from @ 1.85 – @ 2.20 on this market, it would be a max bet considering the closing line would sit around @ 1.20.


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Instead of the classic conclusion, we decided to write you a few things that you should not do, so as not to get into a situation where you quickly lose all your money. Sports betting can be profitable, but if you lose self-control, there is no difference between sports betting and playing casino games with bad odds.

Do NOT chase losses; if you were to finish -5 units on the day, do not put extra units on a bet that doesn’t have that much value, only because you’re down money and want it back as fast as possible. This is not how betting works, and you could end up losing way more.

Do NOT over-stake on bets that are meant to be 1 unit bets, and you were to put three units because you felt like it was the right play. Always play the odds and the value.

Do NOT bet with feelings; this is a mistake that most people do. It’s fairly easy to say your favorite team will win because you support them and want them to win; that doesn’t mean your favorite team was value to bet on. Always listen to your brain.

Do NOT only bet at one sportsbook exclusively; you want to have the best odds possible in order to make money long term. That means depositing a bit of your bankroll on multiple bookies so that way you could have more options to get the best odds out there.


  • How to win football betting?

    In order to win football betting, you need to master some basic techniques required in sports betting. Here we primarily mean the technique of money management, as well as the technique of choosing the right matches to bet on. On our site, you can find many educational articles that can help you.

  • Which betting sites give the best welcome bonus?

    Without a doubt, the best is a free welcome bonus no deposit required, however, this type of bonus is quite rare among betting sites. In addition, there is a good matched bonus by which the bookmaker increases the amount of your deposit by a certain percentage.

  • How to understand betting odds?

    To properly understand the odds on betting sites you need to learn how to use which type of odds to use and choose the one that best suits your needs. The most well-known types of odds are decimal, fractional, and American.

  • Can I get slots welcome bonus at betting site?

    You can only if that operator is an all-in-one site, or if it offers its customers the services of sports betting and online casinos in the same place. There are more and more such brands, so you should have no problem finding them.

  • Which are non GamStop Casinos UK?

    Any sportsbook or online casino that does not have a UKGC license can be considered a non GamStop operator. This service is provided exclusively to brands licensed by the United Kingdom government body, and if your operator has another license, then GamStop does not work.




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