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February 27, 2022


One of the Tipsters we are starting to follow from 2022 is MW Value Bets, which claims on its Twitter page that it has + 15% ROI after more than 1,400 bets. If this turns out to be accurate, and if he continues with such results, he will surely be one of the candidates for the Tipster of The Year 2022 award.

Read our detailed review and see how we rated MW Value Bets.

MW Value Bets – Pros and Cons

MW Value Bets – Tipster Details

At the moment, there are several high quality EV + Tipsters offering their services to customers, and MW Value Bets is one of them. For those unfamiliar with this advanced betting strategy, it is about looking for valuable odds and lines, which are exploited before betting sites manage to correct their mistakes.

MW Value Bets is showing its knowledge in an impressive way, and we are very pleased with what we saw.

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Betting niche:

If you prefer to follow a tipster who places bets on Asian handicaps and goals, then MW Value Bet is the right choice for you. On his account, you can find a large number of different bets, and 100% of them are football bets.

MW Value Bets – Subscription cost:

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Ease of use:

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Preferred sportsbooks:

When we talk about the favorite bookmakers that a certain tipster uses, we want to show whether the tipster pays attention to the quality of the margins. MW Value mainly uses Bet365, which is normal because it prefers bet builder options. We certainly think that this bookmaker is of high quality.

Trust & Fairness:

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Summary – Yes or No?

If you follow us from the beginning, then you certainly know that we do not draw conclusions after one month, but usually wait at least three months before we give our judgment.

As this was the first month of our monitoring, the only thing we can say is that this is a really interesting service, which managed to attract our attention.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 4.5/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2021-present+274.22 units+12.07%4.942107718611328

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022+274.22 units+12.07%4.942107718611328

Stats By Month

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+79.40 units+34.37%10.812357116144
February+64.59 units+19.71%4.7530511613176
March+26.32 units+12.87%3.611876913105
April-1.19 units-0.46%3.472317819134
May-14.30 units-8.33%3.21159480111
June+23.30 units+19.96%6.5511734083
July+40.20 units+20.29%4.84188550133
August+2.80 units+1.00%3.96253910162
September+41.00 units+22.91%4.36160580102
October+12.10 units+3.99%3.89276980178

Monthly Reviews – MW Value Bets

January 2022

The first month of this year was really impressive for MW Value Bets as it made +79.40 units of profit with + 34% ROI. The volume of the bets is at the upper limit, and the percentage of bets hit is low, but the odds are high. We’ll see what they bring in the coming months.


February 2022

Although January was more than impressive MW Value Bets continued at the same pace in February which ended with +64.59 units and + 19.71% ROI. We are really impressed with the current performance of this service and if it continues like this, it will be one of the few next month that will immediately receive a very high rating on our reviews.


March 2022

For the third month in a row, March was a positive month for MW Value Bets, with the difference that compared to the first two months of this year, profits were slightly lower. In March, this service made a profit of +26.32 units with + 12.87%. We hope that the profit will be constant next month as well.


April 2022

After three incredibly good months, one negative month was somehow expected to happen and MW Value Bets was a bit disappointed with the result in April. Namely, during the fourth month of this year, it achieved -1.19 units and -0.46% ROI. In addition, we believe that this is a very high-quality order and we give it a RECOMMENDED badge.


May 2022

May was the second consecutive negative month, with a slightly larger minus this time, but the overall record is still a good plus. MW Value Bets ended this month with -14.30 units and -8.33% ROI. We still don’t think it’s anything to worry about.


June 2022

After two negative months, this excellent tipster regained his usual form and made an excellent result. Total in June was +23.30 units with +19.96% ROI. It’s a real shame that the previous two months were worse, because the ROI in 2022 was almost unbelievable.


July 2022

This month another impressive performance and MW Value Tipster again makes a profit of +40.20 units with +20.29% ROI. It will be really difficult for us to decide who will win the award for Newcomer of the Year this year.


August 2022

After two excellent months, which showed a large profit, this tipster had a profitable month in August, but the numbers were somewhat weaker. This month he made a profit of +2.80 units with +1.00% ROI. We will not be petty, but we will praise another profitable month.


September 2022

The new football season gave more options to tipsters, and MW Value fully took advantage of it. In September, he managed to produce another amazing month with +41.00 units and +22.91% ROI. I’m getting more impressed by this account, and I can safely say that he booked a place among Newcomer of The Year nominees.


October 2022

The incredible season of MW Value bets continues. It was profitable again in October, and this month it made a profit of +12.10 units with +3.99% ROI. Although you may be used to a higher ROI from him this season, this is still a fantastic result.


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