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February 9, 2022


It really wouldn’t be fair to other Tipsters and Services if we just did their reviews and didn’t do a review of our service. Keeping in mind that we plan to be a respected and monitored betting service, we decided to review our free service located on the Bet Experts page.

So keep reading this review and see if it’s worth following the tipsters who type on the Bet Experts page.

Bet Experts – Pros and Cons

Bet Experts – Tipster Details

The Bet Experts service consists of several different tipsters who predict sports events and display the results at the end of the month. It is not possible to know which tipster placed the bet on the page itself, but if you follow their Twitter account (@betexperts_com), you can see who placed the specific bet.

The current line-up consists of the guys who once made up The Value Collective Service (Dani, PDL, and Stacho), and with them are MilosNS, Master331 as well as a couple of tipsters who are not so well known in the sports betting industry. 

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Betting niche:

If you have ever followed the Bet Experts page, then you have certainly seen that their site offers predictions from many sports, so you can find tips on football matches, basketball, hockey, MMA, as well as most US sports, which is impressive.

There are currently not many websites and services that offer such detailed and versatile content to their readers in one place and absolutely free of charge.

Bet Experts – Subscription cost:

All predictions that you can read on the website and on the Twitter account are completely free. In addition to the picks themselves, on the site itself, you can find a large amount of educational content related to sports betting, which is the value of this site. Therefore, if you want to learn something about money management or how to bet live, be sure to visit the Bet Experts page.

Ease of use:

Tracking Bet Experts service is very easy. Every day, when bets are placed, they are immediately posted on the Twitter account, and a few minutes later, they are placed on their free Telegram channel.

Preferred sportsbooks:

During the month we have been following this service, we have managed to see that they use a wide range of popular bookmakers in their bets. The most commonly used bookmakers are certainly Bet365, 22bet, Unibet, 20bet, and William Hill.

Also, on the site, you can find objective and detailed reviews of a large number of betting sites, and there is a special category reserved for the best betting sites UK.

Trust & Fairness:

Knowing who runs the site and who are the tipsters who write on it, we have absolutely no doubt that this is an honest service. The very fact that they allowed an independent third party to review the service speaks volumes about how honest they are.

Summary – Yes or No?

If we talk about the quality of predictions found on the Bet Experts page, we think it is still too early to draw conclusions. We have been following them for only a month, and it takes more time to get some impression of them entirely.

On the other hand, the amount and quality of free content you can find on the site is simply amazing.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 4/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2021-present+60.63 units+1.96%1.9330881674421366

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022+60.63 units+1.96%1.9330881674421366

Stats By Month

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January-1.24 units-1.08%1.8715780968
February-6.85 units-5.15%1.9813365563
March-0.82 units-0.43%1.90190100189
April-9.25 units-4.19%1.9122111110100
May+7.70 units +3.74%1.87206111392
June+2.90 units+1.47%1.86197109089
July+41.00 units+16.40%1.982501490101
August+0.60 units+0.22%1.902731460127
September-2.39 units-0.77%1.753121760136
October+5.56 units+1.32%1.894202234186
November-9.28 units-2.71%1.8434317810155
December+32.70 units+8.47%1.963862260160

Monthly Review – Bet Experts

January 2022

In January, the team from the Bet Experts site placed a total of 157 bets, and although they had quite a solid percentage of won bets, they still ended the month in a slight deficit. This is because the average odds were not high, but we also attended some great bets and solid streaks.

We hope that February will be better and that they will be able to make a profit.


February 2022

In February, the BetExperts team again made a small minus, of -6.85 units with -5.15% ROI. It is interesting that they had a positive ratio of hit bets, but that there was no profit. As this is the second negative month in a row that they fail to make a profit, we sincerely hope that March will be better.


March 2022

Almost unbelievable, but for the third month in a row, Bet Experts tipsters made a small minus. Namely, this month the result was -0.82 units with -0.43% ROI. We really hope that the results will change for the better soon, since three negative months are certainly not a good reference.


April 2022

It’s just strange for a team of such good tipsters, but April was negative again and this is the fourth negative month in a row for the BetExperts team. This month they made -9.25 units with -4.19% ROI. While we think their bets are great and give their readers a large number of great predictions on a daily basis, these performances need to be much better.


May 2022

We already wrote that it is simply incredible that such a talented group of tipsters has four negative months in a row, and then May came. This month they made +7.70 units with +3.74% ROI. Although it is not an impressive result, it is still a nice improvement compared to last months.


June 2022

June was the second profitable month in a row for the team of tipsters working for Bet Experts. In June, they made a profit of +2.90 units with +1.47% ROI. As we said last month, the result is not impressive, but it is nice to see green months.


July 2022

What we have been waiting for half a year has finally happened. The tipsters of the Bet Experts portal vented all their anger on the bookmakers and made a profit of +41.00 units with +16.40% ROI. This is something that should be standard with them.


August 2022

After a fantastic July in which they had over 40 units of profit, the team from Bet Experts had another profitable month in August, but this time the numbers are significantly weaker. Profit made this month is +0.60 units with +0.22% ROI. However, when you consider that everything is free, the result is excellent.


September 2022

After four profitable months in a row, the Bet Experts crew finally failed to produce a positive month. In September, they finished with -2.39 units and -0.77% ROI. That isn’t a terrible result, but one thing caught my eye. They had 56% won bets and still a negative month. The main problem here is that some tipsters post their bets with low odds. If they change that, they can expect better results, in my opinion.


October 2022

Although last month was negative, Milos NS and his team reacted very well and made a solid profit in October. The month ended with +5.56 units and +1.32% ROI, which is not impressive but better than a negative month.


November 2022

After more than six solid months, November was a negative month for the Bet Experts crew. They recorded -9.28 units with -2.71% ROI. Since negative months are part of the game, nothing to be concerned here.


December 2022

To be honest, it was a shaky season for my crew at Bet Experts. A lot of mediocre and even bad months, so overall profit looks nice. I can promise that we will try to be even better in 2023. December was an excellent month with +32.70 units and a +8.47% ROI.


Author MilosNS

MilosNS is our senior content writer, SEO guru, and first ever tipster who started working with us, and he is still here. He is a well-known name in the sports betting industry, and his knowledge about anything betting related is vast. If you have any questions, or doubts, MilosNS has the answer for you.

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