FIFA World Cup 2022 – Interesting facts about stadiums in Qatar

July 8, 2022
Qatar 2022 Stadiums

The start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is fast approaching. This competition will be unique in many ways, and one of the things that will make it different from all the previous ones is the stadiums.

This country is the first from the Arab world to be awarded the host, and this will be the first world championship that will not take place over the summer. Due to the unbearable heat, it was decided that this competition will be scheduled from November 21 to December 18, 2022. Many football clubs are not happy because of that, but the best betting sites are delighted, as people will bet on this World Cup like never before.

The number of arenas is the smallest since 1976 and the World Cup in Argentina, and visitors and spectators will love this tournament the most. It will be remembered for the fact that all stadiums are located within a radius of 55 kilometers. Thus, fans will be able to get from one stadium to another easily and quickly, which was never possible before.

Each of the eight stadiums where the matches will be played has an interesting background story, and in the following paragraphs, we present all the interesting facts in one place.

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Lusail Stadium

Capacity: 80,000

The construction of this masterpiece was completed this year, and the deadline for the completion was broken several times. The stadium’s creators chose a design that would pay homage to the handmade lanterns and bowls that are part of the Middle Eastern tradition.

This stadium occupies the central part of the city of Lusail, which was built especially for this World Cup. The game that will close the World Cup will be played on it, which means that it will be the scene of the final clash.

It is interesting that at the end of the competition, the largest number of chairs will be removed. They will be donated to poor football communities that want to develop since this stadium will not be used much afterward.

Al Bayt Stadium

Capacity: 60,000

The opening match between Senegal and the Netherlands will be played in this stadium, as well as several other matches until the semi-finals. It is one of the largest stadiums in the entire tournament, as far as capacity is concerned. It is designed to convey the message of Arab hospitality and looks like a traditional nomadic tent.

This stadium is one of the farthest away from Doha, and if some visitors do not want to return to the capital after the match, the hosts have come up with a way to please them. They have built a five-star luxury hotel and a large shopping mall, so fans can choose this option instead of returning. There you just might find an exclusive casino, where you can play some of your favorite casino games.

Part of the chairs will be removed from this stadium after the World Cup and will be donated to developing countries.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Capacity: 40,000

Al Rayyan, one of the most famous and trophy-winning football clubs from Qatar, plays its home games in this stadium. Its reconstruction was completed in 2020, and it was built on the foundation of the old stadium and used the same material that was used to build the previous one.

The facade of this stadium represents aspects that make Qatar recognizable in the world, such as the importance of family, the beauty of the desert, and international trade. Its nickname is the “Gate of the Desert” because it is located near the desert.

Al Janoub Stadium

Capacity: 40,000

This stadium is located in one of the oldest parts of the city, which is rich in cultural and historical heritage. The design was inspired by the history of pearl diving, which is as popular in Qatar as fishing, and was designed by the wife of Dame Zaha Hadid, who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2016.

After the project was revealed for the first time, many commented that it resembled parts of the female genital organ, to which this architect brazenly reacted: “How are they not ashamed to say that? Is everything with a hole a vagina? It’s hilarious.”

Stadium 974

Capacity: 40,000

Many consider this stadium to have one of the most innovative designs compared to other World Cup stadiums. It was inspired by international trade and shipping, and 974 is actually the country code for Qatar, and exactly 974 containers were used to build this building.

Since it is a matter of transporting containers, this stadium will be completely dismantled after the end of the World Cup.

Al Thumama Stadium

Capacity: 40,000

The architects found inspiration for the facade of this stadium from the pattern of the Gahfiya, a traditional headdress for men of the Islamic faith in the Arab region. This stadium is unique in that it saves 40% more water than most others, as it uses recycled water for irrigation using advanced systems.

This stadium will also change its purpose after the end of the World Cup, and a mosque and a hotel will be built in its place.

Education City Stadium

Capacity: 40,000

Built in the center of knowledge and innovation, this stadium is nicknamed the “Diamond in the Desert” because it is designed to sparkle by day and shine by night. During the excavation for its construction, rocks that were about 30 million years old were found, and it had to be located 17 meters below sea level.

The idea is that after the World Cup, this stadium will become the home of the Qatar women’s football team.

Khalifa International Stadium

Capacity: 45,416

This was one of the few stadiums that were built before Qatar was awarded the World Cup. It was built in 1976 and has been the home of the national team since it was opened. Like all other stadiums, Khalifa International Stadium has been renovated for the upcoming World Cup.

Liverpool won the 2019 Club World Cup in it.

On this portal, you can find several other interesting articles about the World Cup. Shortly after the draw, we thoroughly analyzed all the groups, and we also made some early predictions about who will be the best scorer, the biggest surprise, and the winner of the tournament. We also wrote about players whose participation in Qatar may be the last one in the national team.

As the tournament approaches, we will prepare a lot of interesting content.

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