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September 2, 2021
matched betting

Undoubtedly you had tried all the popular systems and strategies of sports betting in the past and realized that betting could sometimes be quite demanding. All those odds, markets, sports, stakes, and other things needed for a successful and profitable career in sports betting can be complicated sometimes. It is not easy to make money from sports betting long-term. You’ve probably also heard of a betting discipline called Matched Betting. It is a specific type of sports betting that should bring a safe and constant profit every month if the rules are followed correctly.

With this short article on Matched Betting, we will bring you closer to the basics of this exciting sports betting discipline. Before that, we must note that Matched Betting can only be used in online sports betting and that this strategy can’t be used in casino games, although respectable online casinos also offer bonuses to their players.

Completely Legal and Risk-free

Matched Betting is considered a risk-free investment, which is entirely legal.

How is that possible? You play the same game, but in two different sportsbooks, and you take advantage of the odds by doing that. So, it is a kind of investment that makes a legal profit. Of course, potential problems can occur while playing, but if you use this strategy in the way it is intended, then the winnings from sports betting are guaranteed.

Also, this way of betting is entirely legal because not a single segment of the Matched Betting strategy is forbidden; you simply take advantage of the bonuses that bookmakers offer you free of charge and make real money from them.

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What Does It Take to Get Started with Matched Betting?

It is, of course, necessary to be older than 18 (since underage betting is prohibited by law in every state) to have a personal computer or a mobile device with a stable internet connection, and that is it. In addition, it is necessary to master some basic terms used in Matched Betting:

Back bet: This is the standard bet type. You bet on the result you think will happen. For example, in a match between Arsenal and Chelsea, you think Arsenal will win. Bookmakers offer odds of 3.00 for Arsenal to win. You place a bet, the bookmaker accepts, and if Arsenal wins, you will get three times the amount you bet (€ 10 * 3.00 = € 30 – € 10 stake, gives € 20 net profit).

Lay bet: You bet that something won’t happen. In other words, with this bet, you take on the role of a bookmaker and accept bets from other players. Something like this is possible on sites like Betfair or Betdaq called Betting Exchange. For example, in the same game a little while ago, you think Arsenal will not win. You need to set the odds on Arsenal at 3.00, decide how much you are willing to risk, and wait for someone to accept it. When someone agrees with this, if Arsenal wins, you are obliged to pay three times the stakes, and if they do not win, you get a stake (minus the commission from the Betting Exchange).

Bet Size: The amount of money required to pay your back bet. Calculating the potential profit is easy: (stake * odds) – stake = profit.

Bet Liability: The amount of money that shows how much it will cost you if you lose the lay bet. The formula for calculating the potential loss is also quite simple, (stake you received * (odds – 1) = liability.

If you struggle to calculate this data constantly, interesting free tools on the internet make this process much more manageable.

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How does Matched Betting work?

There are two rounds of placing opposing bets. The first is called a qualifying round, where you have to bet on a match to get a bonus from the bookmaker. In a specific sportsbook, you play that some team will win, and in betting exchange, you play that they will not win. In this way, you make the so-called “safe bet,” and you are in profit no matter how the match ends. After that, you play for real profit. When you get a bonus, you play with that bonus money and repeat the same process as the first time. You play on one team in a sportsbook while you play against that team at a betting exchange. So, a win-win situation and an easy way to make money on betting.

Of course, not everything is so great and easy. You need to calculate your stakes and liability well so that you do not lose a bet by mistake. For that, as we said, there are handy tools on the internet that offer you help to find the right match, which calculates the best stake and liability for you.

The most important thing to know is that Matched Betting is a legal and legitimate way to make money at bookmakers by taking advantage of the bonuses offered to you by various online bookmakers.


  • Is matched betting legal?

    Yes, matched betting is an entirely legal form of sports betting. Still, many betting sites do not like players who practice matched betting, and if they suspect that you are trying this discipline, they might suspend or limit your betting account. That's why you need to be careful and choose your bets wisely.

  • What is matched betting?

    Matched betting is a betting technique that mathematically guarantees profit to a bettor (if used correctly). In simple terms, every player needs to place different bets on the same match and generate profit from different odds offered by various betting sites. Matched betting involves placing a back bet using a free bet at the sportsbook and placing an opposite bet at the betting exchange.

  • How to understand odds in sports betting?

    There are several types of odds that can be displayed at betting sites. The most popular are decimal, fractional, and American odds. Depending on your geolocation, you are probably familiar with one type of odds, while others are a complete mystery for you. If you want to understand all types of odds, you might use odds convertors to see how other types of odds work.

  • Which new betting sites are good?

    New sports bookmakers appear on the market every day, and it is pretty tricky for players to decide which one to register with. At Bet Experts, we provide our readers with honest reviews of new bookmakers and help them make the right decision.

  • What is spread betting?

    Spread betting is a fast-paced betting market that has become very popular in recent years. It is an alternative to traditional fixed odds sports betting. It is essentially a prediction of what will happen in a specified market for a given sports event. Spread betting can be practiced in many sports, as well as in financial trading.

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