Five reasons why should you bet online

Online Betting

Online betting is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and for a good reason. The time when local bookmakers held a monopoly on the sports betting market is now part of history. The online betting industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and is therefore available to many people. To start your online betting adventure, you don’t need fancy equipment or special skills. You need to have a personal computer or a mobile device with a stable WiFi connection, and online betting can begin.

A large number of popular online sportsbooks and casinos accept players from different territories and offer them much better services and features than local betting shops. Undoubtedly, the logical question that arises is, are online sportsbooks really that good, and what are the advantages of online betting over betting at local shops.


Online betting provides benefits to bettors that local bookmakers will never be able to provide you. If you decide to bet online, you will no longer have to run to the local bookmaker because the match you want to bet on starts in ten minutes, nor will you have to wait in line to place your wagers. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid your noisy neighbor, who bugs you every time he sees you about that one game that costs him a big win.

Everything happens very fast when you bet online, and you can place your bets in just a few seconds. Your bets are accepted and processed in seconds, and most importantly, when you bet online, you are able to bet from the comfort of your home, where no one will distract you while choosing profitable wagers.

Also, premium sportsbooks are widely available on the net, and competition is fierce, so bettors have a wide choice and can find the sportsbook that perfectly fits their needs. Whether you prefer quality odds, lucrative bonuses, or simply prefer websites that look modern.

Online Betting – Are There Hidden Costs?

In many different countries, local sportsbooks have introduced many (un)justified costs and fees that bettors have to pay. Namely, those fees are called manipulative costs and profit taxes. Paying those fees, bettors are placed in an even more unfavorable position.

However, online betting provides the convenience of having no hidden costs. The only cost that may arise is a certain amount that the players have to pay when they withdraw from the sportsbook. This fee is called “transaction fee,” and it is usually about 2.5%.

Higher Odds and Lower Margins

Usually, in local shops, the odds are much lower than at online sportsbooks, which automatically leads to higher margins. In short, the higher the margin, the higher the bookmaker’s earnings are, and the lower is the chance for a bettor to make money from sports betting in the long run.

Here is an example:

If we take any basketball match and want to place a bet on a two-way market with two teams of similar abilities, the odds at local shops will range from 1.80 to 1.85. This means that if you risk €100, you can get €85 as a profit. At those odds, the local bookie margin is 8.108%.

On the other hand, top online sportsbooks have much lower margins, and usually, the range of odds for the same outcome is from 1.93 to 1.95. This means that for a €100 stake, you can win up to €95 of profit. The betting margin, in this case, is 2.560%, so with online betting, you get better odds, and thus you increase your chances of making money from sports betting in the long run.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Online betting is also specific for offering their users Welcome Bonuses and Promotions. Namely, every single online sportsbook has welcome bonuses for new users, as well as loyalty bonuses and regular promotions. Welcome Bonuses are one of the primary weapons sportsbooks use to gain new customers. These offers vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but mostly the majority comes in the form of matched bonuses. With matched bonuses, online operators match the amount of money users deposit upon registration.

Of course, those bonuses come with specific Terms and Conditions, called Wagering Requirements, so it is best always before you register and make your deposit to inquire well about those requirements. With bonuses and promotions, bettors can make a nice profit from sports betting, especially if they are familiar with an advanced betting strategy called Matched Betting.

Loyalty bonuses are another type of offer you can get at top online sportsbooks. Online operators give those offers to their regular and loyal customers to reward them and keep them attached to their websites. Those loyalty bonuses can come in various forms, from small amounts of money, free bets, reload bonuses to no deposit and cashback bonuses.

Online Betting – Privacy and Security

As we have already mentioned, you can bet online from any place, anytime. One of the rarely specified but also important reasons why online betting is much better than betting at local shops is the fact that you have absolute privacy when you gamble online. No one looks over your shoulder at what you played or how much money you have wagered. When you withdraw your winnings, only you will know it.

Of course, there are certainly people who will still think it’s better to bet at a local shop because they just love the feeling of physical betting. There are certainly positive aspects to betting on both sides, but we think that online betting has more benefits than old-fashioned betting at local shops.