Paysafecard – Online Payment Method Suitable for Everyone


Paysafecard is one of the most famous and most popular deposit methods among bettors around the world. The company that manages this brand is Paysafe Holdings UK Limited, headquartered in Austria. This company is a part of the same group as the well-known e-wallets Skrill and Neteller.

Since its foundation in 2000, the Paysafecard popularity has grown so much that today it can be purchased at more than 600,000 retail outlets in more than 48 states worldwide. This payment type is also a very popular deposit method among the players engaged in sports betting and gambling in online casinos.

Briefly about the company

As we have already mentioned, the Paysafe Holdings UK Limited company was founded in 2000, with its headquarters in the Austrian city of Vienna. The Paysafe Group itself is one of the leading global providers of online payments that are fast and secure. Their main goal is to connect the companies and consumers to pay for the goods and services as simple as possible.

This company has over 20 years of experience in the online payment industry, with a large volume of transactions, more than 3,000 employees in more than 10 locations worldwide, and connects the service providers and recipients with a wide variety of payment methods in over 40 different currencies.

The main advantage of using Paysafecard compared to some other payment methods is that it’s a very respectable company with immaculate renown over the years, many online sportsbooks accept it, and it’s relatively cheap compared to some other payment methods.

Step by Step to Registration

There’s no traditional account registration (unless you want the ‘unlimited status’), as with e-wallets, for example. If you’ve ever bought a voucher for a prepaid mobile phone card, then the process of purchasing and using a Paysafe card will be clear to you. Here’s how Paysafecard works.

First and foremost, you need a Paysafe card. If this service is available in the state of your residence, it’s enough to go to the local store that sells the cards and buy one. An alternative option is to order a card via the internet. This is an easier and faster way.

Paysafecard usually comes with the following amounts: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 Euros, or local currency equivalent. If you need higher amounts, you need to open the ‘My Paysafecard’ account, which comes with an unlimited status. If that’s the case, you need to go through the entire registration process and verify the account (as is the case when opening a Skrill account, for example).

Additionally, once you complete the registration process, you can also request a prepaid card that can be refunded called Paysafecard MasterCard. You can top up this card with funds through your account and use it anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

Sportsbooks and PaySafeCard

Paysafecard as a deposit method is one of the most popular methods among sports bettors worldwide. The best sportsbooks that accept this deposit method are, among others, 22bet, CampoBet, Betfair, William Hill, and many others. That’s because the players don’t have to add credit/debit cards to their account, don’t have to go through a lengthy e-wallet registration and verification process, or make a deposit in a bank.

If you’re wondering what’s so simple about this payment method, then we have to explain to you how the use of this card works.

You can find PaySafeCard terminals in a large number of retail locations throughout Europe. After you pay the required amount to the terminal employee, you’ll receive your Paysafe voucher, which you use later when making a deposit in an online sportsbook. This voucher is valid for one year and contains 16 digits that you enter when verifying the payment in the online sportsbook.

Players who want to withdraw their funds and don’t have a PaySafeCard MasterCard need to request the payouts using other alternative methods, which is a downside of this deposit method. If a player has this card, the withdrawal process is the same as with the credit/debit cards.

So, as you can see, this deposit method is convenient for sports bettors, especially if you own a MasterCard card, which can be very useful.

Safety and Security

If you’re wondering if this deposit method is safe, we can confirm that PaySafeCard is one of the safest online payment options at the moment. To use the PaySafeCard voucher, you must enter a 16-digit PIN code, which prevents potential fraudsters from trying to steal the data.

Another positive thing about this payment and deposit method is that it’s completely discreet and anonymous since you don’t have to share your personal and financial information anywhere. Hence, anonymity is one of the most substantial advantages of the Paysafe card deposit method.

Transaction Fees

There are no standard transaction fees when it comes to PaySafeCard, although there’s one interesting rule. If you bought a voucher and haven’t used it in a year, after 12 months the company will charge you a service fee of 3 Euros per month for each month. Also, if you make deposits in other currencies, there’s a possibility to convert currencies, which is very commendable.


Over the years, PaySafeCard has become a synonym for prepaid vouchers, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons why almost all sportsbooks accept this method as a payment method. Although there are clear limitations of using this payment method (sometimes the inability to withdraw money and low limits), many users are simply willing to pay that price to get the anonymity and wide availability of the Paysafecard payment method.

The advantages of this deposit method are its wide distribution worldwide, high security and safety, and no transaction fees. As a disadvantage, we have to mention the fact that this deposit method isn’t suitable for depositing large amounts of money.

However, if you like to keep your anonymity, PaySafeCard is definitely the best option for you.