20 Top Tips for Successful Betting

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September 4, 2021

The sports betting industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries, generating the highest annual revenues in the world. This is easy to understand because sports betting is fun, easy, and available everywhere and at any time. Every day, there are many sporting events that you can bet on and enjoy your winnings while watching live streams of the same events that you bet on.

However, to be successful in sports betting, it is not enough to love sports, understand the rules, or bet. You need to master specific skills that will help you be better and profit from sports betting in the long run. This article will write about the 20 most effective betting tips that every successful bettor who makes a profit follows.

20. Set Realistic Goals

As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so your bank balance will not increase sharply in a short period. Sports betting is a slow and arduous job if done at an advanced level, and it takes a lot of sacrifice and nerves to achieve top results.

For this reason, it is essential that you set realistic goals and that you progress slowly but surely towards achieving them. This is undoubtedly one of the primary and most important betting tips that you must learn. If you do not accept that it takes time to succeed, you are doomed to failure.

19. Learn the Basics of Sports Betting

This is one of the most crucial betting tips you can get. The biggest and most common mistake when starting with sports betting is that people simply do not even know the basic rules, and they want to bet.

For this reason, it is imperative that before you embark on the world of sports betting, you take a few hours and read a few tutorials on the basic rules of sports betting.

18. Learn Betting Phrases

This betting tip is similar to the previous one. You may have learned which betting markets exist and which bookmakers are the best, but take some more time and learn phrases and abbreviations used regularly in the world of sports betting. This betting tip will help you to navigate better during your betting adventure. Our advice is to find a dictionary of gambling terms and expressions and study which abbreviations are most often used and what they represent in real life. In this way, you will upgrade yourself and help yourself be more successful in sports betting.

17. Set a Betting Budget

A significant thing. It is not advisable to bet at random without a specific plan. Determine how much it is acceptable for you to lose, and that money will be your betting bank. Using that money, you exclusively bet and try to make a profit. This is extremely important because, in this way, you avoid one of the biggest obstacles in sports betting at the very beginning. This obstacle is called Over staking.

Investing more money that you cannot afford to lose leads to problems such as gambling addiction and generally a life problem with family and friends. This may not be the most important, but it is undoubtedly the fairest betting advice you can get.

16. Make a Staking Plan

A staking or investment plan in each bet is also vital. Almost all of these betting tips are closely related, and it is essential to follow and adhere to them so that you can bet successfully. There are several theories about which investment plan is best, but we believe the so-called flat stake system is most effective.

This system provides that you always bet with the same amount and always on single bets. What are the advantages of single bets over combined tickets, and what is the difference between flat stake systems and other systems we wrote in earlier articles. Once you have decided on your investment plan, stick to it and don’t change it whether you are positive or negative. Successful and negative series happen, but the most important thing is to stick to an investment plan because you can only make a profit in the long run.

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15. Don’t Rush

Never rush and place wagers just for the excitement that betting brings. To be profitable, you need to be patient and disciplined. This is one of the more essential betting tips we can give you.

14. Find a Suitable Betting Market and Sport

Just as you cannot be a specialist in many things in life, there is no person in sports betting who is a specialist in all sports and all games. It is important to find a sport and betting game that suits you best or that you know the most about, and then bet on it. This will increase your chances of being profitable for a more extended period.

13. Register at Respectable Online Sportsbooks

We have already written about the advantages of online bookmakers compared to local bookmakers. Betting in online bookmakers is much better, primarily because of the lower margins and higher odds. Additionally, there are bonuses for new users and regular promotions for regular users. Find which are respectable online bookmakers and register there.

12. Bet with Your Head, Not with Your Heart

This is one of the oldest betting tips in existence. Try to avoid betting on your favorite teams because being objective in such situations is complicated.

Instead, try to avoid those games, as in many cases, those will be losing bets. For this reason, there are betting tips, which are there to help you create the perfect strategy to help you make money at the bookmaker.

11. Stay Humble When You Are Winning

Try to avoid euphoria when you win in a series. Positive series are beautiful, but staying modest with both feet on the ground is very important. If you start changing your betting plan just because you’re doing well, it’s a one-way street leading to bankruptcy. This is because it is challenging to go back to the old way and not lose your temper when the losing series comes, which is inevitable.

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10. Don’t Lose Your Head When Things Go Wrong

Like the previous betting tip, this one is essential. Bad series are an integral part of sports betting, and they will inevitably come and go. Don’t lose confidence, and don’t lose your nerves. Stick to your investment plan and bet on the sports and games that work best for you. The form is transient, and the quality is constant.

9. Follow the Money

There are sites and software on the Internet that allow you to track how the market reacts to particular matches. This is an important thing because you can see if your opinion on an outcome agrees or disagrees with most other bookmakers in the world.

How to see it? It is easiest to follow how the odds market is moving, whether it is declining or rising. That way, you can see how much of an outcome is being played at a given moment.

8. Take the Highest Odds Offered

If you have read carefully and remembered the best betting tips so far, then you have certainly noticed that many bookmakers have different odds on the same outcomes. This is a fact that must be taken advantage of, as it is in your best interest always to take the highest odds offered. For this reason, it is good to have open accounts at more respectable online bookmakers so that they can take the best odds at all times.

7. Look for the Information

In the age of the internet, information is at your fingertips. You just need to be a little persistent and persistent. Believe us when we tell you that just 30 minutes a day of research can bring you a lot of profit. Important information such as player injuries, weather conditions, and the like significantly affect the outcome of the match, and it is your goal to have that information before you bet.

If you do not have time to choose the matches you will bet on, you have free daily footy tips on our site, with which you can make a profit.

6. Keep a Record of Your Betting

This betting advice may seem irrelevant, but it can help you a lot to see where you are wrong and what your weak points are when it comes to sports betting. The history of betting is most easily kept in excel spreadsheets, and how to make a simple excel spreadsheet without much hassle can be read in one of the many tutorials on the internet.

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5. Watch the Games

In order to successfully bet on sports, you need to be well informed. For this reason, you must follow the sports matches you are betting on whenever you are able. This will increase your knowledge and make decisions easier before you place a bet. Respectable sports bookmakers have the option of live stream service, and players can watch a large number of matches live.

4. Believe in Yourself

Don’t let others influence your opinion. Have faith in yourself, and don’t let conflicting opinions sway you. This, of course, does not mean that you should stubbornly stick to your opinion if you are wrong. Just have your attitude and stick to it.

3. Follow Forums and Social Networks

Forums and social networks are inexhaustible sources of information. Lately, the Facebook and Twitter betting community has developed quite a bit, and there has been less activity on the forums. However, there are still respectable forums where important information can be accessed. Use these resources to be even better at sports betting.

There is a special category on the Bet Experts page where we do the Tipster Reviews and where you can see which accounts you can trust.

2. Bet Reasonably

Sports betting should be fun and bring you earnings from betting with a bit of luck and a little knowledge.

Sports betting should by no means be an obsession that causes you to neglect your other life obligations, and one of the most important betting tips is to bet within reasonable and acceptable limits. Most respectable bookmakers have the so-called. “Self-exclusion button,” with which you can limit yourself in the time spent in the bookmaker.

1. Seek Help

This may not be a popular betting tip, but we find it immensely important. If you can’t control yourself while betting, or betting is no more fun than an obsession, seek help from family and friends. Betting addiction is a recognized form of addiction and can destroy both your and the lives of people close to you. It’s not a shame to admit you have a problem and seek help.


  • What is Arbitrage betting?

    Arbitrage betting is a unique discipline of sports betting, where free bets which bookmakers give to players as bonuses are used for safe profit. We must note that bookmakers do not look favorably on this discipline and that there is a possibility that your order will be limited if you try to deal with Arbitrage betting.

  • What is the best betting website?

    The best betting site is the one that is licensed by the regulatory body and the one that offers you the options you need. There is a list of the best sports bookmakers that we think are worth registering on our page. This list is updated regularly, so we suggest you take a look.

  • How to place a bet?

    In order to place a bet, you must first have a registered account in a sportsbook. After that, you need to deposit and verify your account if necessary. After that, you are free to place your bets.

  • Which betting sites use PayPal as deposit method?

    PayPal is known in the world of sports betting as a money transfer service that does not work with every bookmaker. This is because PayPal has stringent rules when transferring money. Therefore, if you see that a bookmaker offers this deposit method, be sure that it is a quality betting site.

  • How do betting odds work?

    Odds in betting sites represent the value a sportsbook gives to a team to win. In order to best understand how the odds work, you need to understand the term value, which is actually the cornerstone of sports betting.

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