Shooters Tips – Tipster Review

January 19, 2023
Shooters Tips


One of the newest editions on our list of Twitter tipsters is Shooters Tips. This low-profile EV+ tipster wanted to be reviewed, and we gladly accepted his invitation. Now it is all up to him, and we will closely monitor his records.

So far, we have no particular information about his service, but we will update this review monthly and hopefully complete his profile in short time.

Shooters Tips – Pros and Cons

✅ Excellent results so far⛔ Nothing for now
✅ Medium number of monthly plays
✅ Suitable for less experienced bettors
✅ Refund policy
Pros and Cons

Shooters Tips – Tipster Details

It is difficult to find someone talented and decent in the same place in this industry. Shooters Tips is a person with nice manners who makes every conversation pleasant. This is how it treats its users, but also towards other accounts on Twitter. Although this is not a beauty contest, I must mention that it is always better to choose paid services run by people who have a high level of social intelligence.

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Summary – Yes or No?

After a certain amount of time we have been following this tipster, we can safely say that it is a quality account. Constant profit with an excellent selection of matches makes him one of the better tipsters on the Twitter platform.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 5/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
October 2022-present+551.81 units +13.98%1.96362719552061461

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022 (from October)+38.99 units+13.33%2.0231916647106
2023+519.92 units+14.03%1.89330817891591355

Stats By Month

2023Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+23.60 units+18.88%1.8810564432
February+6.80 units+4.10%1.9013376750
March+39.62 units+18.09%1.86165971157
April+34.52 units+12.76%1.83265167098
May+20.70 units+13.71%1.8314091049
June+54.30 units+19.85%2.05290188795
July+63.56 units+18.19%2.542871620125
August+77.98 units+12.25%2.463591850174
September+55.28 units+8.80%2.5462830628294
October+112.05 units+19.45%2.5061030078232
November+31.50 units+10.13%2.5432615324149

Monthly Review – Shooters Tips

January 2023

Shooters Tips isn’t on our radar for a long time, but in four months, he managed to impress us. 2022 was finished nicely, and in January 2023 he managed to start in excellent fashion with a profit of +23.60 units and +18.88% ROI.


February 2023

This month was excellent for this tipster, as he still managed to achieve a profitable month. In February, he recorded a solid profit of +6.80 units with a +4.10% ROI. A pretty good sequence of results in the first two months for Shooters Tips.


March 2023

The third profitable month for Shooters Tips in 2023. This great tipster continues to amaze me with his consistency. In March, he recorded a profit of +39.62 units and +18.09% ROI. I feel that this season might be great for him.


April 2023

2023 so far, is an excellent season for Shooters Tips. In April, he recorded a profit of +34.52 units and +12.76%. He is really one of the better tipsters on our radar so far.


May 2023

This is becoming a season of Shooters Tips. He recorded the fifth profitable month and in May he got +20.70 units with +13.71% ROI. I hope that he will continue with good results.


June 2023

An amazing month for Shooter Tips. In June, he recorded a profit of +54.30 units with a +19.85% ROI. He is slowly becoming one of the most consistent tipsters on our radar, and we are pleased to review him.


July 2023

Although it is quite early, we can safely say that Shooter is one of the candidates for Tipster of the Year. In July, he achieved +63.56 units and +18.19% ROI, which is impressive.


August 2023

Yet another profitable month for this tipster. In 2023, he is getting only green months. In August, he recorded a profit of +77.98 units with +12.25% ROI.


September 2023

One of the guys who simply impresses every month. In September, he recorded a profit of +55.28 units with +8.80% ROI. He is a premium service.


October 2023

Month after month, Shooters Tips impresses us. In October, he recorded a profit of +112.05 units and +19.45% ROI.


November 2023

Yet another excellent month for Shooters Tips. He is really killing it in 2023.


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