Natus Vincere VS. Team Liquid Prediction, Tips & Odds – Nov. 24, 2022 19:00 CET

November 24, 2022
Team Liquid VS. Natus Vincere Prediction

This is the Group B winner bracket final of the Blast Premier Fall Final 2022 tournament which is being played on LAN. Winner advances to the semi-finals, losing team goes to the quarter-finals.

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Natus Vincere are currently ranked as the #3 best team in the world by HLTV. There has been rumored that they are going to do a roster change in 2023 however nothing is confirmed yet. No matter who their 5th player is, this team will always remain a top 3 team simply because of how good individually and team wise they are. They work extremely hard with a great experienced coach and having S1mple on your team who is the best player in the world just makes things much easier.

Team Liquid are currently ranked as the #9 best team in the world by HLTV. They are the best team in North America and basically the “last hope” of North-America region. They ended up signing Yekindar to the team simply because he’s their best player and having somebody like him on your team changes everything. Liquid are a great team and this game will be close.

Bet: Map 1 Over 26.5 Rounds
Odds: @ 1.90
Bookmaker: 20Bet

Map 1 is going to be Team Liquid’s map choice. These two teams always keep it in the double digits scoreline when they play each other because they have perfect counter to each other’s playstyle. For this bet to win, both teams need to get 11 rounds each regardless of the final scoreline.

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