Unibet Sportsbook – How to Verify Your Account in 2021?

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October 14, 2021
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How to verify an account in the Unibet sportsbook? Learn all the tricks and verify your account without any problems in 2021! Registration Without Problems

The Unibet sportsbook and online casino have been in the online business for many years. This Swedish company belongs to the very top of gambling operators when it comes to the safety of users and the security of their personal data. We devoted one special paragraph to this topic in the Unibet sportsbook review, where this brand received a high rating in the safety segment and in general.

However, one thing can be very confusing and sometimes even frustrating for users who create an account in this sportsbook. We’re talking about the account verification, which is MANDATORY in Unibet but also limited in time, so the users can’t postpone it until the first withdrawal.

As we on the Bet-expert.com website want to provide our users with a full service and as much high-quality and valid information as possible, we decided to explain to you in detail, step-by-step verification process in this article, or how to successfully verify your Unibet account!

Registration of a New Unibet Sportsbook Account

The process of registering a new account in the Unibet sportsbook isn’t overly detailed or complicated since users must fill out one registration form consisting of general personal data such as last and first name, housing address, and favorite currency. Additionally, right on the registration page, the future players choose which Unibet welcome bonus they want to use (the options include three types of bonuses: sportsbook, online casino, and poker rooms).

In any case, our recommendation goes to the sportsbook bonus for new users, which gets you a matched bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of €25. Although this bonus amount doesn’t seem impressive at first glance, we have to note that the bonus wagering requirements are reasonable, and it’s pretty easy to fulfill them.

If you’re interested in successfully completing a bonus wagering requirements in the Unibet sportsbook, we suggest you read the article about this topic on our website.

Account Activation and Verification

The moment you complete the registration process, that is, when you fill out all the requested fields, select your Unibet welcome bonus 2021, and agree to the website’s Terms & Conditions, you can expect an e-mail from the company, which will have a link by which you activate your account and verify the e-mail address as valid.

Your account is then activated, and as soon as you make your first deposit and get your welcome bonus, Unibet informs you through your website’s profile that you must verify your data within thirty (30) days. If you don’t manage to confirm your account within the defined period, that is, you don’t upload the requested documents, your account may be suspended or even completely disabled.

How to Verify the Unibet Account 2021?

The Unibet verification consists of two parts. To finish it, you need to do two ‘tasks’ that the bookmaker requests from you. We emphasize that the verification is mandatory, whether it’s the Unibet sportsbook or the online casino.

The first part of the verification process refers to identity confirmation, which is done by sending a color picture of your personal document with your photo to the betting site. This means that users can send any personal document issued by the authorities, which has a picture of the person it relates to.

Our recommendation is to send a picture of the ID card, passport, or driver’s license since any of these three documents fulfills all the Unibet sportsbook’s management requirements.

Note: It’s crucial to mention that you need to take a picture of the front and back document. Also, don’t try to make the documents prettier by cropping them or changing them in Photoshop in any other way because the bookmaker will refuse such images instantly, without an explanation!

The second part of the verification process refers to the verification of the residential address. This part usually causes the greatest concerns to users for several reasons. Although Unibet suggests what could be valid proof that the user lives on the address specified in the registration form during the verification (such as bills for electricity, cable TV, internet, or home phone), they often ask for additional evidence and bills not older than six (6) months.

In our case, we first sent a 1-month old cable TV bill, and we got rejected. Then we sent a 1-month old electricity bill and got denied again. In the end, we sent a monthly bank report, which was nine (9) months old, but which showed that we had funds, and our account was verified within 30 minutes.

Therefore, as you can see, Unibet sportsbook has a strict verification process, but it can be completed if you have enough patience and, of course, if the data you enter during registration is correct (which we definitely recommend).

If you don’t manage to verify your account despite everything we’ve written, we suggest you contact customer support and be persistent in your efforts to complete the verification process. Sometimes (in our experience with other top bookmakers), it’s just necessary to be persistent in communication with customer support agents because they’re the best link between you as a user and the verification team.

In the end, if you don’t manage to complete the verification process and you have all the necessary documentation, we invite you to contact us to help you.


  • I've been waiting too long for a response about verification. What should I do?

    Sometimes, while we're waiting for our account to be verified, every minute seems like a year. Our recommendation is to contact customer support and raise interest in your subject.

  • Is verification absolutely necessary?

    Verification is necessary, and it should be looked at as something that protects you as a user. Without verification, it would be possible that someone steals your identity and places bets under your and with your money, which you wouldn't like for sure.

  • Is Unibet customer support useful during verification?

    Unibet sportsbook has a truly professional customer support team ready to help players on any issue, including the verification.

  • Can I open multiple accounts at Unibet?

    Yes, you can, but we don't recommend you do so. Almost all betting sites worldwide tend to close multiple accounts, as they think that people who open them are trying to take more than one welcome bonus, and they find that behavior fraudulent.

  • Is it possible to watch live streams at Unibet?

    The Unibet betting site offers its customers a live stream feature, but you need to be a registered user, and have minimum funds on your account. The number of events that are available for watching is vast, and we found Unibet to be one of the best betting sites with this feature.

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