Faze vs. Natus Vincere Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jun. 17, 2022 16:30 CET

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June 16, 2022
Faze vs. Natus Vincere

This is the first quarter-finals of the Blast Premier LAN event of 2022. The game is in the normal format as always, best of 3 with a normal map pool. FaZe are currently ranked as the #1 team in the world and that’s reasonable because they did win the major, however, they don’t look as dominant as they used to, but still remain the favorite. Natus Vincere on the other hand, have removed “Boombl4” from the roster because of him not being able to move to Ukraine from Russia, due to the awful war that’s been going on. Because of this, they replaced him with “Sdy” for this event. Natus Vincere lost to OG this event, but ended up beating BIG 2-0. FaZe beat PaiN 2-0 but lost to G2 surprisingly.

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FaZe: Rain, Broky, Karrigan, Ropz, Twistz
Natus Vincere: S1mple, Sdy, Electronic, Perfecto, B1t

Faze vs. Natus Vincere Prediction

Map 2 is FaZe’s map pick here, and they should be picking Nuke because they did defeat Natus Vincere at the major on it and they are also playing with a new player now which will be even better for FaZe. There is still some issues with Natus Vincere chemistry wise because we don’t think they will end up picking Sdy permanently and only using him for this event, so they rely on star power in S1mple and co to win. Removing Boombl4 from the roster is a big deal because he was theirr in game leader, so the strategies will change a lot before and mid rounds.

Bet: FaZe Map 2 -2.5
Odds: 1.90
Bookmaker: 20bet

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