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February 23, 2022


This is an account that should not be overrepresented. If you’ve ever followed the Sports Betting community, then you’ve certainly come across the legend of in-play betting – the Tipster Wizard.

What are all the qualities of this tipster, and what results can you expect, as well as how he managed to be a Customers’ Choice Tipster of the Season 2021 Champion, you can read in our review.

Additionally, Tipster Wizard won the Customers’ Choice Tipster Award 2022 and Tipster of The Year 2022. There is no doubt that this is one super talented individual.

Tipster Wizard – Pros and Cons

✅ Long-term profitable⛔ Sometimes you need to be very fast to catch the advised odds
✅ Excellent average odds
✅ Fair and transparent
✅ One of the best live tipsters in the world
Pros and Cons

Tipster Wizard – Tipster Details

For those who don’t know, Tipster Wizard is a hybrid tipster that plays both pre-game and live markets equally well. In addition to posting his predictions for free on his Twitter account, he also has a paid group that you can join via a separate account.

If you ask me what the best part of his service is, I can’t give you a proper answer to that question. His results speak louder than words, but I would like to point out that you must have good bank management and be ready to follow him long-term.

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Betting niche:

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Tipster Wizard – Subscription cost:

Although Wizard very often places free bets, there is a Paid section that you can join. The price of this service is only £20 per month, which is really acceptable. Especially when you consider what you get for that money. I personally think that paying Wizard Service is a pure investment that brings profit!

With his betting predictions, you can fulfill the wagering requirements of any welcome bonus and make additional profit.

Ease of use:

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Preferred sportsbooks:

As with most premium services that offer their services on Twitter, Tipster Wizard mainly places its bets on Bet365. If you want to be able to follow him completely, we suggest you open an account in that bookmaker. You can definitely get a special bonus through this link.

Trust & Fairness:

I have been following Tipster Wizard for over two years, and I have never seen any suspicious behavior in his work. This tipster is detailed, dedicated, and, above all, honest. Therefore, in this segment, I can really give it the highest possible grades.

Summary – Yes or No?

There is no thinking here. The Tipster Wizard is one super talented tipster that offers free selections to its followers. In addition to in-play bets, you can expect a large number of pre-game selections during the month, and his specialty is excellent bet-builder bets.

When you look at it all, there are so few quality and free services, and the Tipster Wizard can get the highest possible ratings in our review.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 5/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022-present+273.49 units+29.59%2.5199961615368

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022+206.07 units+34.12%2.286334159209
2023+67.42 units+21.05%2.203662016159

Stats By Month

2023Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+9.68 units+18.89%2.205330320
February+9.96 units+32.39%2.203321111
March+7.49 units+27.74%1.98281909
April+16.57 units+46.99%3.494429015
May+2.31 units+6.74%3.753714023
June+2.84 units+16.46%3.242210111
July+4.42 units+43.12%2.1611803
August+6.54 units+27.24%3.053017013
September+10.07 units+29.82%2.914224018
October+1.95 units+6.89%2.983416018
November-8.77 units-34.06%2.79319121

Monthly Review – Tipster Wizard

January 2023

The magnificent streak continues with Tipster Wizard. January was his 13th consecutive profitable month. In this period he managed to record a profit of +9.68 units with +18.89% ROI. A sign of true quality.


February 2023

If we had said that January was a good month for the Tipster Wizard, then we can say without a doubt that February was a fantastic month, as it made an incredible +9.96 units of profit, with + 32.39% ROI, which is more than impressive. We sincerely hope that good form will continue next month.


March 2023

There are good and there are premium tipsters. Wizard is without any doubt a premium tipster, as he produced such quality results in the last two years. In March, he continued with a profitable streak and recorded a profit of +7.49 units with a +27.49% ROI.


April 2023

Writing about Tipster Wizard isn’t fun anymore. He is producing steady profit every month. In April, he recorded a +16.57 unit and +46.99% ROI.


May 2023

Although it seemed that the fantastic streak would finally end, Tipster Wizard managed to make another profitable month. This time we also calculated his futures bets, which were also profitable this year. May finish with +7.56% and +24.99% ROI, which is once again an excellent result.


June 2023

Although he did not place many bets in June, Wizard ended this month in profit. His companion received +2.84 units with +16.46% ROI. The fantastic series continues.


August 2023

If you ever read my reviews, then you know that Wizard is one of the best live tipsters in the world. In August, he recorded a profit of +6.54 units with +27.24% ROI. An amazing tipster.


September 2023

It’s getting a bit boring to write monthly reports about this service. His performances have been fantastic for a long time. In September, he made a profit of +10.07 units with +29.82% ROI. Another fantastic monthly performance.


October 2023

We all know that Tipster Wizard is a Tipster Legend. In October, he again recorded a profitable month, and this time he made +1.95 units with +6.89% ROI. An excellent overall results in 2023.


November 2023

After who knows how many profitable months, Tipster Wizard had a red sequence in November. Nothing to worry about, as he is a really quality tipster.


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