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February 14, 2022


Sometime in the middle of 2021, we got in touch with Tipster Robbo, who expressed a desire to be reviewed by our team, which we gladly accepted for several reasons. Namely, Robbo is a well-known name on the Twitter betting scene, and before he started his service, he successfully collaborated with Tipster Charlie, which was certainly a solid recommendation that this is a quality account.

Tipster Robbo – Pros and Cons

Tipster Robbo – Tipster Details

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Tipster Robbo – Subscription cost:

Although during his career, Robbo tipped both pre-game markets and in-play, currently, his service lives on fantastic pre-game football bets. He doesn’t have his favorite league but looks for value in different markets. This season he managed to make a fantastic profit.

Ease of Use:

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Trust & Fairness:

There are no doubt in our mind that Tipster Robbo is one fair individual. We are following him closely for more than six months, and he never showed any signs that he could be unfair in any way. So, if you are looking for a fair and transparent tipster, Robbo is the right person for you. 

Summary – Yes or No?

Tipster Robbo showed some impressive performances in the past couple of months, and we are more than happy with his betting service. We can recommend this betting service as a fair and profitable one.

If you prefer to follow an account that makes a solid profit almost every month, you should definitely consider this service. He is, without a doubt, one of the tipsters that can do damage in a war against best betting sites.

Overall Rating:

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2021-present+173.22 units+18.12%2.1891546660381

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2022+173.22 units+18.12%2.1891546660382

Stats By Month

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+24.29 units+17.00%2.26127601057
February+32.40 units+25.81%2.1111566643
March+18.62 units+19.91%2.1413569363
April+32.48 units+30.07%2.169957636
May-3.55 units-3.60%2.358534645
June+23.20 units+37.12%2.365232119
July-3.05 units-6.78%2.244515320
August +6.18 units+11.29%2.205122920
September+7.56 units+11.12%2.266032226
October+12.20 units+11.76%2.139246937
November+19.53 units+39.45%2.094628414
December+3.37 units+44.93%2.238512

Monthly Reviews – Tipster Robbo

January 2022

January 2022 was another profitable month for Tipster Robbo, as it managed to make a profit of +24.29 units with a +17.00 ROI. We are really impressed with the performance in the last few months; Robbo manages to profit from month to month.


February 2022

As January started with a nice profit, Robbo continued in the same rhythm in February, which shows that he is in great shape. Over the past month, this service has made a profit of +32.40 units with + 25.81% ROI. Of course, we hope that this great form will continue in the coming months.


March 2022

For the third consecutive month, Robbo continues to impress us with his results. In March, it made a profit of +18.62 units with +19.91 ROI, and once again showed how good a tipster it is. The perfect number of monthly tips, solid average odds, and of course, great results adorn this account.

After three consecutive fantastic months this year, we increased the rating and gave a Highly Recommended badge.


April 2022

Last month we just raised the overall impression of Robbo with recommended and highly recommended, and he reciprocated with another fantastic month in which he made +32.48 units and + 30.07% ROI. We have nothing to add since Robo is a great tipster who is in fantastic shape.


May 2022

In May, Tipster Robbo had a small negative sequence, and that cost him to have a negative month. That was the first negative month this year, and he produced -3.55 units with -3.60% ROI, which isn’t a big loss. We all know that variance must hit a tipster sometimes, and if this will be the worst we saw from Robbo then we are happy with it.


June 2022

After a negative May, Robbo bounced back like a true champ and produced +23.20 units of profit with +37.12% ROI, which is quite a remarkable result once again. Having in mind that he has over 20% ROI this year, it is clear that he can be called a premium tipster service. We only hope that he will be able to continue this amazing performance in the next couple of months.


July 2022

July was a very specific month for most of the Tipsters we follow in our reviews. And what is interesting, the vast majority had similar results if they did not have a profitable month. So Robbo made a small loss in July, more precisely -3.05 units with -6.78% ROI. This should by no means worry his followers; the year 2022 is still more than profitable.


August 2022

If we look at the previous months, August was a bit of a slow month for Tipster Robbo, but he still managed to make a profit. The month ended with +6.18 units and +11.29% ROI, which only shows that he had fewer peaks. Really impressive performances this season.


September 2022

The 2022 season is really impressive for Tipster Robbo. He managed to have seven out of nine profitable months, and the overall results are really stunning. In September, he had a profit of +7.56 units with +11.12% ROI. As I said before, he is a strong candidate for the Tipster of the Year Award.


October 2022

The dream season continues for Tipster Robbo. He made a profit in eight out of ten months this year. In October, he achieved a profit of +12.20 units and +11.76% ROI. Nothing to add here; a fantastic season for this tipster.


November 2022

To be honest, I’m waiting for a negative month, but Tipster Robbo just continues to produce a profit. I’m happy about him, and he deserves such an amazing run. In November, he recorded a profit of +19.53 units with +39.45% ROI.


December 2022

The tipster showed remarkable results in 2022. He started a bit slowly, but he raised his performance during the season. In December, he achieved a profit of +3.37 units with a +44.93% ROI.


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