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February 10, 2022

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On this page, we present a fascinating Twitter betting account – Table Tennis Betting, which places bets on table tennis. Yes, you heard right. Although betting on this sport is not very popular, like betting on football or tennis, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bets and the profit he makes in the short time we have been following this tipster.

In this review, you will find out more details about how Table Tennis Betting places its bets, as well as the results it achieves.

Table Tennis Betting - Pros and Cons

Table Tennis Betting - Tipster Details

This Twitter account is still not known to a large number of users, as at the time of writing, this review has only 75 followers. Our friend (and the person who reviews TT_betting, Kjaer), who has been following the work of this account for some time, drew our attention to it.

Immediately after only a few days of monitoring, it was clear that Table Tennis Betting is a fantastic talent, which is not yet discovered because table tennis is a sport that few people follow.

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Betting niche:

Obviously, he only bets on Table Tennis. 100% of the bets are on 1×2 lines, again, making it super easy to tail.

So if you prefer to bet on footy or any other popular sport, Table Tennis Betting isn’t the right choice for you.

Table Tennis Betting - Subscription cost:

The premium service currently costs £50 per month. Considering his results, his service is way too cheap. The only thing with a higher value than his bets is the price of his service.

Ease of use:

Table Tennis betting uses a fully automated system that pushes out the bets at specific times a day (three times per day), meaning you don’t have to sit by your phone all day waiting for bets to come. This means you’ll be able to tail the bets fairly easily. 

The bets are sent through email, so you just gotta remember to check around the posting times.

Preferred sportsbooks:

All bets are from the globally popular betting site Bet365. Sometimes you can find better prices elsewhere, but Table Tennis Betting officially posts odds and lines from Bet365 sportsbook.

There are several reputable betting sites that offer this exotic sport, and the most popular are Unibet, FEZbet, and William Hill betting sites. 

Summary - Yes or No?

Not very surprising, but TT_Betting has the highest recommendations from our reviewer. It’ll get harder to tail his bets with the group growing bigger, so we can’t recommend enough that you get in there ASAP and make some money.

Still, keeping in mind that this is the first month that Table Tennis Betting is on our radar, we will give no grades

Overall Rating:

Monthly Review - January 2022

January was more than a profitable month for this tipster, but as this is only the first review, we never give a rating before a certain time has passed.


Monthly Review - February 2022

Unfortunately, due to a disagreement with the reviewer, we do not have figures from February, but we hope that the situation will change next month. If this does not happen, we either change the person doing the review, or we will completely stop reviewing this account.


Monthly Review - March 2022

In March, we got the results of the previous two months of this really interesting tipster, who is betting on Table Tennis, so we can say that the results are still very good and that we can soon think about giving him a certain rank. In March, unfortunately, this tipster had a slightly negative month, ending with -11.00 units and -4.74% ROI.


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