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February 7, 2022

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Certainly, not many people who are active in the Twitter betting community have not heard of Simónður. A very popular account with over 40,000 active followers has become famous for its excellent bets on the BTTS (Both Teams To Score) market.

Apart from being a very talented tipster, Simónður is also very witty, and you can often find funny content on his account, which is a big plus.

We have been following Simónður for more than three years, but we have been actively calculating its profits since the beginning of last year.

Simónður - Pros and Cons

Simónður - Tipster Details

One of the basic details we should write about Simónður is that he comes from Scandinavia and has the most knowledge from the Norwegian football leagues. The vast majority of his bets are from Norway, although he has known to bet on other football leagues in the past.

His Twitter account has a large number of active followers, and we can freely say that he is one of the most popular tipsters on Twitter in terms of followers number.

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Betting niche:

Without a doubt, this tipster bets exclusively on football games and you will not find bets from other sports on his account. Also, he is very focused on total markets, not only on goals but also on corners, which is quite an interesting betting niche.

The most common bets are BTTS, as well as the number of goals that a particular team will score in a match. Honestly, with this second type of bet, it has slightly lower results and we think it should focus entirely on the BTTS market.

Simónður - Subscription cost:

In our review of the @Sjakktrekk account, we rely solely on his free suggestions, which he posts on Twitter. There is also a closed group with so-called Premium bets, but we have never had access to it, so we have no information about the price or the results that the group achieves in that group.

Ease of use:

Following the bets set by Simónður is not at all complicated. If you have notifications turned on to be notified when he posts a tweet you will not miss a single bet. The volume of his bets is low, and he generally has a maximum of 20 bets during the month, although that number was quite high two years ago.

Preferred sportsbooks:

Each of his tweets related to a particular bet contains a link to the page he is betting on, and there you can see in which bookmaker he took that bet. In our experience, the most commonly used bookmakers are Bet365, Unibet, as well as other bookmakers from the Kambi system.

Overall, we can see that he uses respectable bookmakers that can be ranked among the top betting sites worldwide.

Trust & Fairness:

In the three years that we have been following this Twitter account, we have never had the opportunity to see any dishonest behavior, whether it was lost bets or something else. This account is kept very fairly, and any lost bets are regularly marked as such.

We believe that Simónður is an extremely honest and fair tipster, and we give him complete confidence in this segment.

Summary - Yes or No?

It is difficult for us to be objective here for several reasons. In the period from 2019 to the beginning of 2021, this tipster was one of the most profitable tipsters on Twitter. Then came last year, when his results drastically deteriorated.

We do not know the reason for such poor performance last year, but we cannot give a passing grade at this time, although we sincerely hope that the results will improve drastically in 2022.

Overall Rating:

Monthly Review - January 2022

January was a great month for Simónður as it managed to hit a large percentage of his bets and made a solid profit that recouped about 30% of last year’s losses in just one month.

Unfortunately, as he went from highly recommended to follow at our own risk badge last year, we must be careful not to change badge after only one good month.


Monthly Review - February 2022

After making a great result in January, Simónður had a negative record of -10.47 units and -14.54 ROI in February, although he had 50% of the bets hit. The reason for this result is the extremely low average odds, which are not typical for this tipster.

We are still leaving the same badge as last month.


Monthly Review - March 2022

After a great January and not so good February, in March, Sjaktrek had one of the worst series we have seen, and we have been following it for almost three years. Unfortunately, followers of his predictions ended the month with -52.50 units and -57.69% ROI.


Monthly Review - April 2022

We should never be too strict when it comes to legends, but the period of torture of this tipster who is an icon of the Twitter betting community continues. In April, he made -57.09 units with -33.19% ROI, which is not good at all. The minus itself is not that big when you consider that it uses the unit staking method, but the ROI is more than bad.


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