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February 12, 2022

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Without a doubt, Neil Mac is one of the most famous Twitter tipsters, followed by over 21k followers on this social network. He owns a betting service called BookieInsiders. This service provides its users with the services of predicting football matches and golf competitions.

We tracked Neil Mac’s account last year, but at first, we only followed his free predictions, and since September, Neil has selflessly offered us to track his paid service as well.

Neil Mac - Pros and Cons

Neil Mac - Tipster Details

As we have stated, we have been following Neil Mac’s performances in detail since last year, but we have learned about this account before. What first caught our eye was the incredible amount of betting knowledge Neil possesses and his selflessness to share the same with people on Twitter.

Neil is the owner of a betting service that offers its customers footy predictions and golf bets. We deal with the analysis of his results exclusively in the segment of football tips.

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Betting niche:

As we have already mentioned, we follow only football predictions, and there are no rules when it comes to favorite markets. Neil looks for value, and when he finds it, he places a bet. However, in our experience, he is most active in Total Markets.

Neil Mac - Subscription cost:

If you wonder how much it costs to join the Bookie Insiders service, here is the answer to your question. There are three possible solutions, i.e., a subscription plan that you can subscribe to – one month (€ 39.99), six months (€ 240), and one year (€ 399.99).

These prices fall into the top price range among Twitter services.

Ease of use:

What is definitely great about this service is the fact that it is incredibly easy to follow the selections. There is a Telegram group in which members receive predictions. Each bet is explained in detail, which is an added plus.

What is possibly a small shortcoming of the mechanics of placing bets via Telegram is the fact that there is no announcement or a specific time when bets are placed.

Preferred sportsbooks:

As for choosing the bookmakers that Neil Mac uses in its predictions, we can say that there is no need to have accounts in some specific bookmakers.

Namely, bets always come with a minimum of two betting sites that have suggested odds, and the most common are sportsbooks Bet365, Pinnacle, Unibet, BetVictor, and 888sport.

Trust & Fairness:

Neil Mac has long been known as a person who is extremely committed to honesty in the Twitter community, so it would be hypocritical of him not to behave in the same way. His service has been reviewed not only by us but also by other review teams.

Summary - Yes or No?

The answer is always YES, but given the decline in form that occurred during 2021 and is still ongoing, we believe that you need to be careful since the service price is not small, and many users who do not have patience could quickly be disappointed.

Overall Rating:

Monthly Review - January 2022

Unfortunately, January was by no means a good month on Neil Mac and its service, as it made a minus of -9.61 units. As usual, he was on the good side, as he mostly beat the CLV, but still, the results were not good.

The form is already a bit worrying, keeping in mind that he has not been able to make a positive result for months (except for one month).


Monthly Review - February 2022

We all know that Neil is going through a difficult period and that was reflected in his performance, so probably for that reason he took a little break in February and placed only two bets. Unfortunately, both were losing, so the result is negative. We will not dwell too much on the results, as the situation with this tipster is specific and needs to be supported.


Monthly Review - March 2022

What is most important to mention is the fact that Neil and his family have won one big victory, and that the results are not primary at the moment. However, bearing in mind that this is a Premium Service, we must also talk about the results in March. They were slightly negative, as Neil made -1.58 units, with -6.06% ROI.

However, despite the negative month, what is positive is the fact that positive energy is being felt again and we are quite sure that the results will improve.


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MilosNS is our senior content writer, SEO guru, and first ever tipster who started working with us, and he is still here. He is a well-known name in the sports betting industry, and his knowledge about anything betting related is vast. If you have any questions, or doubts, MilosNS has the answer for you.

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