Mercenary Bets – Tipster Review

February 21, 2022

If you follow our reviews regularly, then you are definitely familiar with this tipster, which is without a doubt one of our favorite tipsters coming from the US.

If you like to bet on US sports, Mercenary Bets could probably be the best free option currently on the market. Read our honest review and decide if this tipster is good enough for you.

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Mercenary Bets - Pros and Cons

Mercenary Bets - Tipster Details

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Summary - Yes or No?

We have no doubt that it is worth following this order. There are positive and negative months, but in the long run, Mercenary Bets is a great account that brings profit.

Overall Rating:

Monthly Review - January 2022

The first month of this year was not the best for Mercenary Bets, but we have no fear as far as he is concerned. We know very well what he is capable of doing, so the fact that he made -4.30 units in January with -90.2% ROI does not change our opinion of him.


Monthly Review - February 2022

To be completely honest, we are not used to Mercenary Bets having two negative months in a row, but it happened. In February he made -2.60 units and -21.67% ROI, which is not impressive, but we still continue to have confidence in him, with the difference that we take off the highly recommended badge and put recommended.


Monthly Review - March 2022

It is very rare for someone as good as Mercenary Bets to experience three consecutive negative months, but it has happened. To make matters worse, he only had four bts this month, and all four were non-winning. Although we are aware that this is not the best time of the year for this tipster, we expect slightly better results in the coming months. In March, Mercenary Bets achieved -8.00 units and -100% ROI.


Monthly Review - April 2022

Last month I wrote that it is extremely rare to see so many negative months for such a quality tipster as Mercenary and in April we immediately saw an improvement. Namely, Mercenary made +8.60 units and a fantastic + 47.68% ROI on a small bet sample. Although I personally have no doubts about its qualities, we still leave the RECOMMENDED badge.


Monthly Review - May 2022

It is more than clear that Mercenary Bets is currently struggling and cannot find its true form. Hand on heart, we have to be honest and say that autumn is the time when he makes the best results and that it might be wise to reduce the stakes a bit now. In May, it had another negative month with -1.20 units and -8.57% ROI.


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