Sports Betting Portfolio (Infinity Racing) – Tipster Review

February 20, 2022


As we have already mentioned in our general review of the Sports Betting Portfolio service, this group won the third position in the Bet Experts The Best Service of the Year 2021 category.

An integral part of this service is the excellent horse betting tipster – Infinity Racing, which has amazing results almost every month, so we decided to review it separately.

SBP Infinity Racing – Pros and Cons

SBP Infinity Racing – Tipster Details

Infinity Racing is a horse and greyhound betting service operated on a Telegram channel. Bets cover both Australia (and New Zealand) and UK (and Ireland) races. The service is 50% owned by the SBP. There is also a Chat and an updated spreadsheet with the daily results.

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Trust & Fairness:

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Summary – Yes or No?

There is really no doubt about how to answer this question. Although we are not personally fans of horse racing betting, there is no reason why we would not recommend Infinity Racing and SBP services. A large number of monthly bets means that you need to have a healthy betting bank, as well as to know the basic investment strategies.

Overall Rating:
★★★★★ 5/5

Overall Stats

PeriodTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2021-present+644.19 units+23.28%6.60218154301638

Stats By Season

SeasonTotal ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
2021+329.03 units+29.12%6.653641060258
2022+315.16 units+13.12%6.57181743701380

Stats By Month

2022Total ProfitROIAverage OddsPicksWinVoidLost
January+51.90 units+19.01%5.85172480124
February+51.46 units+17.81%6.88180370143
March-51.44 units-16.00%6.87202410161
April+55.16 units+28.00%6.35197490148
May+50.14 units+25.32%7.42198440144
June-9.37 units-3.41%7.64176360140
July-14.18 units-4.89%6.22173430130
August+96.10 units+31.00%7.85188510137
September+33.80 units+11.01%7.29170390131
October+51.59 units+18.97%9.29161490112

Monthly Review – Infinity Racing

January 2022

This was our 3rd month following this service and the 3rd green. And another month with amazing numbers, more than +50 units of profit, and 19% ROI. The official results show that in 2021 they only had a red month, and we are excited to see what 2022 will bring. It’s a service with great profitability.


February 2022

This was our 4th month following this service and the 4th green. And another month with amazing numbers, +51.46 units of profit, and +17.81% ROI. The year has just begun but already delivered almost 100 units profit. It’s a service with great profitability, and if it wasn’t the problem with the restricted accounts, it would be perfect!


March 2022

After 9 consecutive green months, that delivered more than 900 units, a red month came. The month started very well but the last days were terrible, which canceled the February profit. Despite that, 2022 is still on the green. It’s a service with great profitability, and if it wasn’t the problem with the restricted accounts, it would be perfect!


April 2022

Sometimes it is difficult to describe in words when a service or tipster is of such high quality, and then it happens that I repeat myself from month to month. But what about a tipster who has incredibly consistent results? In April he made +55.16 units and + 28.00% ROI which is more than great.


May 2022

Another amazing month, with a profit of +50.14 units and an ROI of 25.32%. This year they have already delivered 145 units and 9% ROI. It’s a service with great profitability, and if it wasn’t the problem with the restricted accounts, it would be perfect!


June 2022

After an incredible series of results in the last year and a half, Infinity Racing had a negative month in June. To be honest, the minus was not big, since the month ended with -9.37 units and -3.41% ROI, but it is certainly not what the followers are used to.


July 2022

The second negative month for this excellent tipster in July. This month ended with -14.18 units and -4.89% ROI. Our assumption is that it is about variance and that very soon, he will return to his old ways of glory when he was making incredible results. The year continues to be positive.


August 2022

It didn’t take long for Infinity Racing to wake up from its summer slumber. After two below-average months for his standards, one fantastic month followed in which this racing tipster made a profit of +96.10 units with +31.00% ROI. There is no doubt that he is one of the best racing tipsters in the world right now.


September 2022

When we review this account, we always expect positive months. Infinity Racing has accustomed us to fantastic results. In September, he made a profit again, this time +33.80 units with +11.01% ROI. This whole year is very impressive, and it is simply incredible that such results are being achieved.


October 2022

It is simply difficult to write new positive things about this service every month since it just keeps making a profit. In October, it made +51.59 units with +18.97% ROI. If you have the possibility to bet on horse racing, this is the right choice for you.


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