UFC Fight Night 204 Volkov vs. Aspinall Prediction, Tips & Odds – Mar. 19, 2022

March 18, 2022
UFC FN 204 Volkov Aspinal Prediction

Tonight we will witness one spectacular UFC Fight Night. As usual, our experts have selected some of the most exciting fights for you, and on our site in the Picks section, you can read the analysis of those matches.

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Keep reading this article and see who we’re picking to win in the main event of the UFC Fight Night!

Alexander Volkov vs. Tom Aspinall

The main fight of the evening between the domestic fighter Aspinall and the Russian Volkov can freely be called the fight of youth against experience. Although Volkov is only five years older compared to Aspinall, he is a much more experienced fighter in MMA.

At the age of 33, Volkov already has 43 fights, and he has not even reached his prime yet. Volkov is a tall, long, and very intelligent fighter. With his 201cm height, he is one of the highest fighters in the heavyweight division. His movement and distance control are great, he moves a lot, and it’s hard to catch him. He is very smart and tactically perfect, it is very difficult to catch him in the ring, and he mostly drags the fight into deep waters and the decisions of the judges. He is used to fighting in five rounds and is always impeccably physically fit.

Aspinall is a fighter that will show his best performances in the next few years. Aspinall’s stand-up is different, a bit reminiscent of Gane, with its movements, it has those tricks from amateur boxing, great evasion, but most importantly it has K.O. power which is of great importance in the heavy category. One punch and the end of the story. He was preparing together with De Fries, who recently demolished Darko Stošić, and defended the KSW title, as well as with Tyson Fury, with whom he sharpened boxing.

Famous worldwide betting sites have set Aspinall as the favorite. Probably because he is a domestic fighter, he will have the audience on his side, and maybe the judges. But when we compare the experience of these two fighters and that Volkov has 30 more fights, we believe that Volkov will not easily succumb to pressure and will use what he is best at, control the distance and take the fight to deeper waters. This is the first time that Aspinall has fought in the 5th round, and it is interesting that not a single fight came out of the second round. A big question mark is Aspinall’s condition.

The odds of Volkov winning are 2.10, while Aspinall is 1.75. The betting site Bet365 on the game that the fight will go over 2.5 rounds gives an excellent odds of 1.70, and over 3.5 is 1.9. Basically, we suggest you take the odds of 1.70 because we think that Volkov will withstand all the attacks of Aspinall and then take the fight to his side. The fight is scheduled for Sunday at 1:30 p.m.


Volkov: 34W-9L, 33 years old, height 201cm, reach 203cm, weight 119kg. M1 and Bellator champion
Aspinall: 11W-2L, 28 years old, height 196cm, reach 198cm, weight 113kg, UFC 4-0, 7 wins in a row.

Prediction: Over 2.5 Rounds
Odds: 1.70
Bookmaker: Bet365

Jack Shore vs. Timur Valiev

The match in the bantam, which is on the undercard, is one of the most interesting in the whole event, primarily in terms of technical and tactical preparation of both fighters.

This time we have an atypical fighter from Dagestan, who has a good stand-up, when we say great, Valiev is not a hitter but his pace, movements, as well as the whole game plan, with which he presses the opponent. Like all fighters who come from that area, his wrestling is fantastic. Valiev personally, is a master and world champion in Pankration, a martial art that prefers a lot of wrestling with the Greco-Roman style. As for his CV, he hasn’t officially lost a fight since 2016, but he has one NC, on his UFC debut, where Jones knocked him out, to the surprise of many, but that fight was canceled because Jones was positive on marijuana. He won the last two matches in his own way, at the referee’s decision.

Shore is a guy who comes from Wales, is undefeated in his career so far, and is 4-0 in the UFC. He built his career in the Cage Warriors, which is the most popular English organization, where he dominated and was a champion. He proved himself in the UFC with four wins, but Valiev is definitely his biggest career exam. The master is in BJJ, and he has great control over the opponent below. It is extremely strong for this category. His game plan in this match will surely be a way to bring down Valiev and try to find the ending. But it will not be easy. Especially when we consider Timur’s clinch.

The best UK betting sites have set similar odds here. In some bookmakers, Shore is a slight favorite, and in some Valiev. We decided this time on Valiev, and at odds of 1.88 on his victory. We believe that his experience and footwork, as well as the whole stand-up, will do the main part of the job and that he will win this match. The fight begins at 9:30 p.m., Saturday.


Shore: 15W-0L, 8Sat, 27 years, height 175cm, reach 180cm.
Valiev: 18W-2L-1NC, 32 years old, height 168cm, reach, 170cm.

Prediction: Timur Valiev
Odds: 1.88
Bookmaker: Bet365

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