UFC 273 Volkanovski vs. Chan Sung Jung Prediction, Tips & Odds – Apr. 09, 2022

April 8, 2022
Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie

The UFC 273 takes place in Florida, in Jacksonville. We will see many interesting fights, and hopefully several attractive knockouts.

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Alexnader Volkanovski vs. Chan Sung Jung

Fight for the champion in the featherweight category, the main event of the evening in five rounds of five minutes each. Australian Alexander Volkanovsky and Korean Zombie will have their chance! In this match, Volkanovski is the current champion, the absolute favorite on best betting sites, but also for a reason. The odds on his win are 1.05, which is hard to see in MMA.

After defeating Max Holloway and then Brian Ortega for the second time, Volkanovski has literally cleared the entire division and is waiting for a new name, such as Arnold Allen, but in the meantime, the UFC has awarded him an experienced fourth-ranked Korean fighter, whose matches never disappoint.

Volkanovski is a top wrestler, who has combined his explosiveness and strength with kickboxing, who “boxes” every day with his coaches and training partners Adesanya, Hooker, and a new challenger in the fly category, Kai Kara France. Although his basic game plan is forcing the pace, constant pressing, and creating space for clinching and wrestling. Volkanovski has perfected kickboxing combinations so well that he has become very dangerous and unstoppable in this segment as well. One of the most complete fighters in UFC. When Holloway couldn’t read it and find him holes in his defense, hardly anyone would. The advantages are definitely great wrestling, floor control, fitness, explosiveness, strength, and constant pressing.

The Korean Zombie is a real warrior, always attractive, ready to leave the last atom of strength in a cage. He is a master of many martial arts, well-versed in all segments of combat. His style pretty much boils down to the front arm and front leg, which he uses a lot, and he waits to throw an elbow or knee to finish off opponents. He did a lot of that in previous years, but lately, he has been quite patient and careful. I guess it goes with age. Against Volkanovski is again the main event, and this is the seventh time in his career, to go to 5 rounds, and to fight for the title for the first time. He will do his best, we have no doubt about that. And he can look for his chance in the stand because we believe that Volkanovski will very soon start to force the ground floor and the wire and spend Sung Jung.

Bookmakers have set Volkanovsky as their absolute favorite. Undefeated in the UFC, cleared the category. Complete and dominant. The last 4 fights of Volkanovski went to the decision, out of the last 10 fights as many as 7 to the decision. He is very patient and in no hurry. The Korean Zombie also did the last two fights at the discretion of the judges, not typical of him. So this time we will propose Volkanovski’s victory for the decision, and the odds are excellent at 1.85.


Volkanovski: 32 years old, 23W-1L, 11K.O. 9DEC, height 168cm, reach 180cm.
Sung Jung: 35 years, 17W-6L, height 175cm, reach 183cm.

Prediction: Volkanovski to win on decision
Odds: 1.85
Bookmaker: Bet365

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