UFC 269 Charles Oliveira vs. Dustin Poirier Prediction, Tips & Odds – Dec. 12, 2021

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December 10, 2021
ufc 269 predictions

This Saturday, a spectacle awaits us in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC 269. The UFC decided to give the fans a spectacular fight card, with no less than two separate title defenses. As usual, our experts have selected some of the most exciting fights for you, and on our site in the Picks section, you can read the analysis of those matches.

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Keep reading this article and see who we’re picking to win in the main event of the UFC 269!

Charles Oliveira vs. Dustin Poirier

The fight for the lightweight champion is one of the most anticipated matches this year. Oliveira and Poirer deserved it with their behavior, work, and progress. They are definitely the two best fighters in this category. Who is better, and who will become a champion, will decide the little things, both the tactical ones they prepared with their teams and those who better timed the form in the preparations, who better adapted to the opponent, lost weight more efficiently, etc.

Let’s start with the champion; Oliveira became the champion by defeating Michael Chandler, a great wrestler, with strong and explosive punches. Oliveira found himself in big trouble in the first round, but he found the true champion spirit in himself, and overcame all adversity, and knocked out Chandler at the beginning of the second round.

Oliveira is the UFC record holder in the number of submissions. He is one of the few fighters who like to be on his back because he has a great transformation and goes up very efficiently. He is also good in the stand, has a long reach, and controls the distance with the front direct, but he is not a master class boxer.

Poirier is an example of a complete, modern MMA fighter, and how with work, you can fix all your flaws and shortcomings. In the past, whenever he found himself in a match that was a springboard, Poirier would stumble there. Fight number 1, with Conor, is a clear example.

After the defeat by Michal Johnson, things got better. He totally changed as a fighter, and he defeated all the fighters who are considered quality in the category except the undisputed Nurmagomedov. Even against him, he had a guillotine deep enough to finish the match, but he lacked a little strength. After that attempt, it simply shut down, and that was the end of it.

Against Conor, he also showed that he can take a punch in match number 2 and fantastic cardio, one of the better ones in the UFC. He is well-honed in every segment, does a great job of controlling the wire, tires the opponent, and inflicts damage. He is increasingly using low foot calf kicks, with which he had damaged Conor and broke his leg.

It is clear that Oliveira’s game plan is to transfer the fight to the ground, but Dustin has great control from the mount but also enough experience not to run into a guillotine.



40 fights, 31W-8L-1NC, 9 wins in a row.

Height 178cm, range 190cm, 32 years


35 fights, 28W-6L, 3 wins in a row. Height

175cm, 180cm, 32 years

As you can see, the height and range are on Oliveira’s side, and he will try to control the distance. What is very important is that Poirier has more experience and more minutes in the octagon with realistically better fighters than Oliveira was. Oliveira has never done championship rounds 4 and 5, while every match lately, Portier has been programmed to be in 5×5. The difference in the preparation of the fight and the tactics are huge compared to 3×5.

Prediction: More than 1.5 rounds per match

Odds: 1.51

Bookmaker: 20bet

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