Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets | NBA – Nov. 3, 2021

November 2, 2021
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The Los Angeles Lakers will host the Houston Rockets tonight in a back-to-back match at Staples Center. We singled out this game to be our free pick of the day. We found the best odds on this game at 20bet sportsbook, which offers a lucrative welcome bonus to its customers!

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball players started this season’s edition of the league in a downbeat rhythm, as they lost both times in the first two rounds. They hosted the Golden State Warriors in the first match, and although they had the advantage before the last quarter, the visiting team managed to win the final quarter with a great game with 38:29 and triumphed with a total score of 121:114. In the next game against the Phoenix Suns, after 36 minutes of play, they had a significant deficit of 27 points, and the Lakers tried to catch up, but the Phoenix still celebrated with 115:105. A reaction followed in the form of two consecutive triumphs, first against the Memphis Grizzlies with 121:118 and then against the San Antonio Spurs with 125:121. A surprisingly poor game against Oklahoma resulted in a 123:115 loss, and the Lakers again showed that they do not have the necessary consistency this season. Their form is based on the series, so they entered a series of victories again and first defeated Cleveland with 113:101 and in last night’s match of the Houston Rockets with 95:85. They currently occupy the fifth position on the table with almost four victories and three defeats.

Houston Rockets

Houston has a season to forget, considering that they finished the competition in their Conference at position number 15, with almost 17 victories and as many as 55 defeats. The poor performance was accompanied by a modest basket difference so that the Rockets averaged 108.8 points and 116.7 points per game last season. Nothing has changed in that regard, considering that the Rockets are in the thirteenth position on the Western Conference table after six matches. They are in bad shape, considering that they managed to achieve only one triumph in the last five games played. So far, the only win has been in the second round with their field against the Oklahoma City Thunder with a score of 124:91, followed by a series of negative results. Boston was better and won 107: 97, and then the Rockets suffered another failure on the road to Dallas with the result of 116:106. Two days of rest did not seem to be enough for the team to consolidate, so they suffered a convincing defeat at home by the Utah Jazz with 122:91. In tonight’s away match, the Lakers were defeated 95:85.

Team News

Los Angeles Lakers – Ariza, Horton Tucker, Nunn, and Ellington, and Howard are questionable.

Houston Rockets – House and Mathews.

H2H Comparison and Trends

01.11.21 Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets 95: 85

13.05.21 Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets 124: 122

13.01.21 Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers 100: 117

11.01.21 Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers 102: 120

13.09.20 Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets 119: 96

11.09.20 Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers 100: 110

09.09.20 Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers 102: 112

07.09.20 Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets 117: 109

Free Betting Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the best offensive teams in the league and occupy the fifth position in the table in terms of efficiency, and they score 112.6 points per game. Their defense is not that good, considering that they allow their opponents 112 points on average, so their matches are high above the league average in terms of the number of points this season. Houston is currently one of the weakest teams in terms of points scored per match, and with an average of 101.5 points per game, they occupy only 26th place in that parameter. The defense could be said to be solid, as they receive 109.2 points on average per match. Tonight’s match ended with a very small number of points, mostly because the Rocket’s players had as many as 27 turnovers and 14 missed free throws. The Lakers play fast basketball, and we are sure that they can easily score over 120 points for a Houston team like this. We expect the Rockets players to show a different face in this back-to-back duel, and we think they can score at least 105 points.

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