Over 0.5 First Half Goals Betting Tips – 10.07.2024

July 9, 2024
Over 0.5 First Half Goals Betting Tips

Over 0.5 First Half Goals Betting Tips – 10.07.2024. The excitement and adrenaline while following betted matches are undoubtedly one of the main reasons people engage in sports betting. For this reason, it’s very important to find a bet that allows you to enjoy watching the match you’ve predicted.

For example, although the odds for “Under 3.5 goals total” and “Over 1.5 goals total” are usually similar, the way you watch and follow the match is entirely different. In the first case, you are rooting for a boring game with few chances, while in the second, you need goals.

Therefore, finding a bet that keeps your adrenaline up and has high statistical chances of winning is essential. Our team of analysts, after thorough research, has found a bet that had the best results during the test period and met all parameters: “Over 0.5 goals in the first half.”

Our team has developed a mathematical formula that calculates statistical probabilities for success daily. We will present such matches to you every day in our new section, “Over 0.5 First Half Goals Betting Tips.” Also, our readers can find daily tips and sports betting suggestions, written by our team of experts. Find out how it feels to be a winner and make a profit from sports betting using our suggestions.


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The odds for this bet typically range from 1.30 and higher, so it’s necessary to maintain a hit-to-miss ratio of 2.5:1 to stay profitable.

Of course, we must remind you that the odds for this bet vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. If you want to ensure you have chosen the highest odds, we recommend comparing the odds at the best online sportsbooks before placing your bet. You can find our list of the best online bookmakers by clicking on this LINK.

Over 0.5 First Half Goals Betting Tips

For Wednesay, 10.07.2024, we have selected 10 matches!

Date / Time Home Away Probability
2024.07.10 12:00 Kahibah Belmont Swansea Utd. 80%
2024.07.10 16:30 Pamplemousses Entente Boulet 66%
2024.07.10 17:30 Vaajakoski KuPS Akatemia 76%
2024.07.10 18:00 Asane 2 Bjarg 79%
2024.07.10 20:00 Ceara U20 Cuiaba U20 75%
2024.07.10 20:00 Palmeiras U20 Botafogo U20 73%
2024.07.10 20:00 Barra FC U20 Chapecoense-SC U20 71%
2024.07.10 20:00 Criciuma U20 Inter de Lages U20 65%
2024.07.10 20:00 Hercilio Luz U20 Brusque U20 72%
2024.07.10 20:00 Nacao U20 Marcilio Dias U20 67%

Of course, for players who prefer live betting, this data makes even more sense, as the odds for this type can rise to 1.75 after just fifteen minutes of the match, which is, you’ll agree, a much better offer. If it happens that a goal is already scored during that first period, it’s up to you to decide whether to bet on another goal being scored in the first half or to skip that match on your ticket.


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Given that the odds for this bet are relatively low, our advice is to practice multi-betting with 2 to 3 matches. If you prefer single bets, wait for the game to start and the odds to reach a level that suits you.

Lastly, we cannot stress enough the importance of responsible betting. Bet Experts always advocates for its promotion. Therefore, it’s crucial to never wager more than you are willing to lose and that does not disrupt your daily routine. If you notice that your betting exceeds these limits, we advise you to seek professional help immediately.

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