KR Reykjavik vs. Pogon Szczecin Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jul. 14, 2022 20:15 CET

July 14, 2022
KR Reykjavik vs Pogon Szczecin

Now that the Champions League qualifiers have passed this week, we can focus on the less attractive European competition, which is the Conference League, where those teams that were not good enough for the two most influential competitions meet.

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KR Reykjavik Team News

The home team went into this competition without any expectations, which was evident in the first match.

The Polish team is a class better and easily won that first match, but the team from Iceland showed in that match that they are not afraid and that they certainly won’t defend themselves.

What certainly works in their favor is the fact that they play in a competitive rhythm, while the Poles are in the preparation phase, so they could do something fresh in this return match.

Pogon Szczecin Team News

On the other hand, in the first match, Pogon played according to the experience and quality that they undoubtedly possess. But, as we have already said, they have not started their season yet, and two games in full swing in just seven days can cause them certain problems.

We don’t think that they will let go of the three-goal lead, but it could happen that they concede a goal and then they have to open up a bit in order not to allow a surprise.

Icelandic teams are known for playing very offensively at home, and they also use Vetac grass, which can be problematic for visiting teams.


The match they played seven days ago was the first between them and there are no trends.

Injuries and suspensions

All players on both sides are ready for this duel.

KR Reykjavik vs. Pogon Szczecin Prediction

We believe that this should be an open duel where both teams will score a goal, but since the Icelanders are much weaker in terms of quality, we decide for a safer option and play for three or more goals in the match.

Date and Time: 14.07.2022 20:15 CET
Pick: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.66

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