Team Spirit vs Furia Prediction, Tips & Odds – May 19, 2022 20:00 CET

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May 18, 2022
Team Spirit vs Furia Prediction

This game will be the 1st that’s played in front of a crowd in the PGL Major Antwerp, and that of course means that it’s on LAN. This is the first quarter final match, and it will be a best of 3. Spirit are currently on a 5 win streak, (16-11 vs Eternal Fire, 2-0 vs Astralis, 16-12 vs Furia, 16-12 vs Heroic, and 2-1 vs Copenhagen Flames). Furia lost to Spirit on Nuke in this tournament, beat Liquid 16-9, BIG 16-10, but lost to NIP 0-2 and for their final game which was a 2-2 (loser goes home), they beat G2 2-1 and advanced to the quarter finals. This game right here is going to be amazing and there will be a lot of pressure on some of these young players because of the crowd and the atmosphere.


Spirit: Chopper, Magixx, S1ren, Degster, Patsi.
Furia: ArT, Yuurih, KSCERATO, Saffee, Drop

Team Spirit vs Furia Prediction

Furia have more experience at these type of stages and atmosphere, and even though Spirit beat them in a best of 1 last week, it doesn’t really mean anything. This is a best of 3 as well, and we would not be surprised if it went map 3. We really like Furia here because of the experience and they also have better aimers, which helps quite a lot in a best of 3 match-up rather than best of 1.

Pick: Furia ML
Odds: 1.80
Bookmaker: 20bet

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