PaiN vs. TeamOne Prediction, Tips & Odds – May 26, 2022 23:30 CET

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May 26, 2022
Pain vs TeamOne Prediction

This game is played online and it’s a best of 3. This is basically a “mini-tournament” between 4 teams where the winner gets a post in the ESL Challenge Valencia 2022 tournament. The teams involved in this tournament are PaiN, TeamOne, ATK, and Godsent. The tournament is also a double elimination bracket so this means if a team loses they get a second chance. These two teams are both Brazilian and have played against each other multiple times and are very familiar with each other’s playstyle.


Pain: PKL, Hardzao, Nekiz, Nython, Biguzera.
TeamOne: Xns, Trk, Pesadelo, Maluk3, iDk

PaiN vs TeamOne Prediction

Pain are looking like a really solid team, and they also did beat TeamOne 2-0 yesterday. They’re the 2nd best Brazilian team behind Furia and it’s good that they ended up sticking together and working things out when it got rough. Would have this line around the 1.70 mark, so playing the value here.

Pick: PaiN -1.5 Handicap
Odds: 1.90
Bookmaker: Bet365

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