Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid Prediction, Tips & Odds – Dec. 04, 2021

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December 4, 2021
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Today, we offer you one interesting bet from CS:GO Tournament. Knowing how many eSports fans love to place wagers, we found exciting odds on one market.

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Team Liquid

Like stated earlier in another bet provided by us, Team Liquid will not be together after this event as they’re planning on splitting up because of awful results. They are facing a team that is better on and looking at the veto map wise we don’t see Liquid having an edge here. Fallen would have to go head to head against a much better sniper (dev1ce), who should be having a tough time in duals. NAF and Elige are expected to be playing at their best like they always do, but will that be enough to beat a team like NIP in a best of 3, meaning to win 2 maps?

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NIP added “es3tag” to the team (removing lnz) from the lineup. Es3tag and dev1ce were teammates in Astralis, and they are both very skilled. There is no secret that dev1ce is the best player on this team, he is also a top 5 player in the world, so adding somebody like es3tag on this roster is a huge upgrade. They are speaking in Swedish because Rez Hampus and Plopski are Swedish, but there is no issue for Danes men because they can speak both languages. Map pool wise, we believe this “could” go all the way down to the wire, meaning map 3, but we don’t see where Liquid has an advantage if it did go to it.


Fallen – Naf – Elige – Stewie2k – Grim

Ninjas in Pyjamas:
Dev1ce – Es3tag – REZ – Hampus – Plopski

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid Prediction

This game is a best of 3, played on LAN (IEM Winter 2021). We believe that the edge here is on Ninjas in Pyjamas, considering Liquid are not staying together, this should be a good show from NIP. This could possibly go to the wire, but we believe given the maps, NIP should be able to take it.

Prediction: Ninjas in Pyjamas ML
Odds: 1.78
Sportsbook: 20Bet

Like we stated earlier, looking at possibly veto (3 maps that are going to be played) the edge goes towards Ninjas in Pyjamas. Given the odds, we like this position and fully believe it is the right side to be on for this bet. Good luck!

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