Gambit vs. Vitality Prediction, Tips & Odds – Dec. 05, 2021

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December 5, 2021
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Today, we offer you one interesting bet from CS:GO Tournament. Knowing how many eSports fans love to place wagers, we found exciting odds on one market.

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Team Vitality have played better than expected in this tournament. They beat mousesports in a best of 1, then followed up by beating NIP in a best of 3, before losing to G2 1-2. This roster has been together throughout the year and after underperforming the whole season they are finally going to be doing a roster change at the start of 2022. The roster change will be -shox -kyojin -XQTZZ (coach) +dupreeh +magisk +Zonic (coach). The trio of Zywoo – Misutaa – Apex will finally be adding some experienced rifles who have won multiple majors and tournaments in the Astralis era. We believe this will be a huge upgrade going into 2022. For now, it’s not secret that ZyWoo is the 2nd best player in the world (behind s1mple) but the issue with this team is that he doesn’t get much help from his supporting cast.


Gambit are top 2 CIS team, with only Natus Vincere being better than them. There is no shame in that considering Natus Vincere is the best team in the world, but we truly believe that whenever Natus Vincere does not attend tournaments such as this one, the favorites to win it all are Gambit. The roster has been together this whole year, and during the online era they looked pretty dominant. This game will be played on LAN but regardless of that, they look pretty solid thus far. They beat fnatic in their opening match, then ended up losing to Virtus.Pro, and followed up by beating both Fnatic (again) and FaZe 2-1 each. Sh1ro is the best player on this team and his supporting cast is playing really good at the moment too. The major champion Hobbit, has been winning a lot of clutches this tournament, and Ax1le has been playing amazing. We truly believe that this team is the favorite to win the tournament going from here.


Vitality: Shox – Apex – ZyWoo – Kyojin – Misutaa

Gambit: Hobbit – Ax1le – Sh1ro – Interz – Nafany

Gambit vs. Vitality Prediction

We believe that like stated earlier, Gambit will come out huge here and secure their semi final spot. With all the circumstances surrounding Vitality, this is their “last dance” with this current lineup, and this is also Gambits event to win considering Natus Vincere aren’t here. Map pool wise, we would give small advantage to Gambit considering the game is a best of 3. We believe the battle between sh1ro and zywoo is going to be epic.

Prediction: Gambit ML
Odds: 1.86
Sportbook: 20bet

Like stated earlier, map pool wise and motivation wise I would give the edge towards Gambit. We believe that this is their win to take and go on and also win the whole event. We expect Gambit to pick Overpass or Vertigo, while Vitality probably pick Dust 2 or Inferno. We hope that the CIS team secures this win for us considering the odds are very good, good luck!

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