G2 vs. Outsiders Prediction, Tips & Odds – Sep. 11, 2022 19:30 CET

September 10, 2022
G2 vs. Outsiders Prediction

This is the final day of the Group B of the ESL Pro League Season 16 which is being played on LAN in a best of 3 format. These two teams are currently on the top of the group and winner will secure #1 place. Other than that, they have both qualified.

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Outsiders have basically been around for a while and are very known for their unique playstyle. They have a super slow attacking side while also a very passive defensive side where they also are known to “save” a lot. This Russian squad is the #3 best CIS team behind NaVi and Cloud9 but sometimes they can be really good to a point where one could consider them right in that tier with the other two. This roster finally seems to be clicking after all the work they put in the off season, and we are excited to see how they perform in the playoffs.

G2 have been playing good in the pro league. They picked up Hooxi which isn’t every known to have good mechanics & firepower, however his calls are on point as he tends to be a good in game leader. JKS is the other player they picked up who plays support and he’s been playing good thus far and is extremely skilled. The other 3 Niko-Monesy-Hunter are always leading the pack as they should, so that hasn’t changed. This team has a lot of firepower and if they can continue playing like this, they’re going to be a problem against the top teams in the playoffs.

G2 vs. Outsiders Prediction

For this bet to win, both teams need to get 11 rounds each on Map 1, regardless of the final result. This will also be Outsiders map pick which gives G2 a CT (defense) start which is the better side. We believe that Outsiders will end up picking Inferno, however they could pick something else if they’re willing to test something new. The winner of this match will secure #1 spot, however regardless of the outcome, both teams have qualified to the next stage.

Bet: Over 26.5 Rounds Map 1
Odds: @ 1.90
Bookmaker: 20Bet

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