ForZe vs. Astralis Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jun. 28, 2022 19:00 CET

June 27, 2022
ForZe vs. Astralis

This is the Quarter Finals of the Roobet Cup 2022 and is being played online in a best of 3 format. These two teams have not played against each other this year which means both of them have new rosters.

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ForZe currently sit on 6 win streak where they’ve played weaker teams than Tier 1, and Astralis lost to Cloud9 this tournament and beat Complexity 2-1 yesterday. Astralis have not looked the best this year, their T sides look super off and they seem to not be clicking well with each other. We are not sure how
long this roster is going to be together for but we believe a roster change is coming very soon with this Danish squad.


ForZe: Shalfey, Kensi, Norwi, Zorte, Jerry
Astralis: BlameF, Xyp9x, K0nfig, Farlig, Gla1ve

ForZe vs. Astralis Prediction

ForZe online have looked somewhat decent, when they’re “on” they can play some amazing CS. The 6 win streak does seem a little bit “boosted” because there are some weaker teams, however Astralis haven’t looked the best either.

They ended up dropping Overpass to Complexity last night who are one of the worst teams out there currently, and in general Astralis T sides
are by far the worst out of any Tier 1 team. There’s some serious issues with this lineup firepower wise and they don’t really seem to be clicking.

We are surprised that there hasn’t been a roster change yet. However, since it’s being played online, we like the odds on ForZe here.

Date and time: 28.06.2022 19:00 CET

Bet: ForZe ML
Odds: 2.45

Bookmaker: 20bet

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