Finest vs. Sprout Prediction Tips & Odds – Jun. 7, 2022 18:00 CET

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June 7, 2022

This is best of 3 game played online in the Elise Invitational tournament. These two teams are pretty even when it comes to skill so it’s going to be an interesting battle. Finest are currently bootcamping in Sweden according to one of the player’s Instagram post, and they’re there because they’re going to be playing a LAN tournament pretty soon that’s located in Sweden. Both of these teams have their little win streak going on, Finest on 6 win streak while Sprout on 4. H2H doesn’t really matter much because it’s all based on form, but just to add to it, Sprout did win 2-0 last time these met.


Sprout: Spiidi, Slaxz-, Raalz, Staehr, LauNX
Finest: Twist, PlesseN, Kreaz, Shokz, Anarkez

Finest vs Sprout Prediction

As we stated above this will be a pretty close game because both of these teams are evenly matched. Finest also being in the same room for this event will give them the same amount of ping on the server, and some players like Shokz and Anarkez live very far from the others so it’s nice to see them play on a low ping here. Overall we really like these odds.

Pick: Finest ML
Odds: 2.10
Bookmaker: 20bet

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