CS:GO IEM Cologne 2022 Play-in tournament | Latest News, Rumors, and Predictions – Jul. 05, 2022 13:30 CET

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July 4, 2022
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This tournament is from 5th of July until 6th, it’s a double elimination bracket tournament which is being played on LAN. Top 8 of this tournament will advance to IEM Katowice which is being played on the 7th of July.

It’s basically the same tournament all week along except that this is the play-in and 8 teams out of 16 have to qualify to the next stage.

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Teams that are participating in the qualifier:

Vitality, Heroic, Spirit, BIG, Astralis, Outsiders, Imperial, Mouz, Movistar Riders, MIBR, PaiN, 00Nation, Complexity, Order, TyLoo and Sprout.

Some of these teams are basically top teams like Vitality, Heroic, BIG etc, meanwhile other teams are in lower tiers that have qualified through an online qualifier in order to make it here, such as 00Nation, Complexity, Order, Tyloo and so on.

The expectations for this tournament for some of these teams are quite simple, if you’re a tier 1 team you SHOULD get yourself a spot to the IEM Cologne tournament on the 7th to compete for the big prize along the other teams that are there. When we say this, we are looking at teams like Vitality, Heroic, BIG,
Astralis, Spirit, and so on.

CS:GO IEM Cologne 2022 Predictions

Movistar Riders are coming off a hot IEM Valencia tournament win, where they went on a 4 win streak to win the tournament. While doing so,
they ended up playing against MIBR and winning 16-3 (on Nuke). It was pure domination, MIBR looked like they’ve never played CSGO before at that point.

Not only that, but MIBR played against an Asian team called “Rare Atom” and lost 0-2. We are not sure what to think of this MIBR
team as they haven’t exactly had any good results to show. Movistar Riders on the other hand are playing amazing right now, and we are obviously taking this bet here because of their form and recent results.

Game: MIBR vs Movistar Riders
Bet: Movistar Riders -2.5
Odds: 2.00

Bookmaker: Unibet

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