BIG vs. MIBR Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jun 1, 2022 01:00 CET

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May 31, 2022
BIG vs MIBR Prediction

This match is the best of 3 played on LAN. This is the 2nd day of IEM Dallas in Group B, and the match is basically a semi-final but for the upper bracket. These two teams aren’t close at all, BIG are clearly the better team here. MIBR will be playing with a coach this whole tournament as the info came super late, and BIG are looking to make a run with this lineup. We don’t really see anything that MIBR have to prove here, as this tournament won’t exactly show what they’re capable of.


BIG: Krimbo, FaveN, TiziaN, SyrsoN, TabseN
MIBR: Exit, Jota, Tuurtle, Chelo, BIT (coach)

BIG vs MIBR Prediction

Like we stated above, BIG are the clear favorites here and a much better team. MIBR playing with a coach puts them at a massive disadvantage against a top 15 team in the world. We would be super surprised if they managed to take a map, however, we don’t believe that to be the case, which is why we are playing BIG 2-0 here.

Pick: BIG -1.5 (2-0 is the same bet)
Odds: 2.00
Bookmaker: Unibet

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