Bad News Eagles vs. Imperial Prediction, Tips & Odds – May. 10, 2022

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May 9, 2022
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This match is played on LAN and is a best of 1. Both teams have a record of 1-1 and will face each other to determine which team gets that chance to close it out to the next stage. Bad News Eagles beat Eternal Fire 16-14 but lost to a much better team Forze 7-16. Imperial beat Liquid 16-10 however looked super shaky against Team Spirit and ended up losing 6-16.


Imperial: Boltz, FalleN, VINI, fnx, fer
Bad News Eagles: Sener1, juanflatroo, sinnopsyy, gxx-, rigoN

Bad News Eagles vs Imperial Prediction

This game here depends on what map gets chosen, however most of the maps here are 50-50 and some would even give a small advantage to Bad News Eagles, so these odds here are really good to take.

Pick: Bad News Eagles ML
Odds: 2.10
Bookmaker: 20bet

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