Bad News Eagles vs. FTW Prediction, Tips & Odds – Aug. 31, 2022 20:00 CET

August 31, 2022
Bad News Eagles vs. FTW

This tournament is the Flow FireLeague 2022 Europe Closed Qualifier, where the winner of the whole tournament will qualify for the Flow FiReLEAGUE 2022 Global Finals. All games are being played online in a best of 3 format, and this specific game is the quarter-finals, in a single elimination bracket.

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FTW are a five man team from Portugal, which aren’t very known. The only player that has had some experience on this roster is “Stadodo” other than that, the other four aren’t as well known. This team has not had great results recently, which doesn’t give us an insight on how we can give them some highlights.

Bad News Eagles have been around for a while, and this team has also played in the major qualifier this year, where they looked great and advanced to the next stage. They’re not a tier 1 team by any means, however, they do have the potential. They’re a 5-man team where four players are from Kosovo and RigoN is from Switzerland. They have been a bit inconsistent as of late. However they’re still a clear favorite in this match up due to experience and firepower in it self.


FTW: Ag1l, Arrozdoce, DDias, KST, Stadodo
Bad News Eagles: Sener1, Juanflatro, Rigon, Gxx, Sinnopsy.

Bad News Eagles vs. FTW Prediction

Taking the -1.5 match handicap line here, which is same as 2-0. It’s important to note that on Unibet, sometimes a 2-0 market and -1.5 market will have different odds, so you take the highest odds because the bet is the same. -1.5 basically means that Bad News Eagles win this match 2-0. Taking this for 1 unit.

Bet: Bad News Eagles -1.5 Handicap
Odds: 1.95
Bookmaker: Unibet

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