Astralis vs. Team Liquid Prediction, Tips & Odds – Dec. 03, 2021

December 3, 2021
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Astralis have added BlameF and k0nfig to the team from Complexity Gaming; it’s fair to say that Astralis needed a roster change after the awful results they’ve been having. The current lineup with BlameF and K0nfig seems to click, it’s been a short time, and they already look good on the server.

K0nfig is their star player (1.16 rating); he came back from hand surgery but looks better than ever. Gla1ve is still in the game leading this team, and he’s one of the best in game leaders in the world, and the team fully trusts him.

We believe this team has a bright future with more practice under their belt, but they look promising so far.

Team Liquid

Liquid is a very weird team, as this roster hasn’t had any good runs at all. On a HLTV interview, Stewie2K stated that there is no secret that Team Liquid will be doing a roster change next year, and I think everybody could see this happen for a while now.

They are pretty much playing in this tournament with a lineup they are no longer going to use in the future. The rumors are that Stewie2K, Grim, and Fallen will all be leaving, while Elige and Naf will stay and be joined by oSee, Shox, and Nitr0.

NAF is currently their best player (1.19 rating), but one could argue that Elige is better (1.12 rating).


Astralis:                                    Liquid:

– Xyp9x                                      – Elige

– Gla1ve                                     – Fallen

– K0nfig                                     – Stewie2k

– Lucky                                      – NAF

– BlameF                                     – Grim

Astralis vs. Team Liquid Prediction, Tips & Odds

This game is a best of 3, played on LAN. We believe that Astralis is going to win this game because they are simply the better team, and they have a lineup that is promising for the future, unlike Liquid. Like we stated earlier, Liquid will be doing a roster change, so we don’t really think they will care too much if they lose this game. The map pool also favors Astralis a lot, which we think is fair.

Astralis will pick 2nd here, which means Map 2 is their pick. The map that we expect them to pick is Nuke (60% win rate) compared to Liquid (33% win rate). Historically, Astralis on Nuke is one of their best maps, while Liquid is the opposite. With all the roster drama going on for Liquid, we think this bet here is really good, and we hope Astralis cover it for us.

Prediction: Astralis to win Map 2 with -2.5 Handicap

Odds: 1.80

Sportsbook: Bet365

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