Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte: Preview, Odds & Prediction – Apr. 23, 2022

April 22, 2022
Fury vs. White Prediction

The undefeated king and ruler of the heavyweight category return to the ring at the magnificent Wembley. Yes, it’s “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury, who currently holds two heavyweight belts, the “most important” of all is the WBC belt and The Ring magazine belt. His opponent is the local guy from London, Dillian Whyte. This will surely be one of the most-watched boxing events; as many as 94,000 spectators are expected at Wembley, which is one of the most eventful events in the post-Covid era. Tickets sold out in less than 2 hours, and ticket prices were pretty high.

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Keep reading this article and see who we’re picking to win the title fight!

Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte

Fury and Whyte are two guys with real hard-life stories who have influenced to build their overall character. Many books have been written about boxing as a sport, a noble sport, and many stories have been told, especially from the psychological aspect. Boxing as a sport requires a hunger to create true champions from the most difficult and worst conditions, just like in the movie Rocky, when Stallone from the gutter in Philadelphia reaches the top of the world. And on every preparation, he returns to those training halls to remember how hard it was for him and how hard he worked to get to the roof of the world.

Fury comes from an “Irish Gypsies” family who emigrated from Ireland to England. Fury himself was born prematurely, a couple of months early, and weighed only 450 grams, and no one hoped that he would survive. His father, John, gave him the name Tyson, a mighty boxing name in honor of Iron Mike, who was a fighter, hoping his son would also be a fighter and survive. And so it was. Let’s start with the father of the above-mentioned John, who has done over 100 fights in the “Gipsy” way, without gloves, and has a professional score in boxing 8-4-1. Also, his uncle Peter Fury is a boxer; he coached him when Tyson was getting ready for the match against Klitschko.

When he won the world champion belt, Tyson said that the hardest thing for him was to become the best boxer in his family, and being the best in the world is much easier. After winning the title, Fury got into serious life problems. He began to gain weight abruptly, lost motivation, indulged in alcohol and cocaine, and eventually suffered from depression and serious mental problems. But he also emerged victorious from these life misfortunes and dropped from 160 kilograms, returned to the ring and recorded victories, and won back the WBC belt.

Whyte was born in Jamaica and, as a child, emigrated to England. As a young man, he got into trouble; in one interview, he mentioned that he had been in deadly situations a couple of times in Jamaica. He grew up in London, as he was more around school and prone to getting into trouble, but boxing saved him. He became a father at the age of 13! He first started kickboxing, where he did as many as 21 pro fights, and he also tried his luck in MMA. In the end, he decided on the most profitable martial art. Unlike many fighters, Whyte started his own boxing promotion and helped many young fighters. One of them is a Croatian fighter Alen Babić (10-0), who helped Whyte with sparring and preparations for the match against Chisro and Povetkin, and Whyte repaid him with the promotion and organization of the first professional fights, which Babić made great use of.

Whyte has two defeats in his professional career. The first defeat, which came as no surprise, came against then-Olympic champion and star in suspense for the international WBC title and British and Commonwealth champion Anthony Joshua. Joshua won that match by knockout and was the first and only fighter so far to be able to match Whyte in the segment of physical fitness and strength. Whyte is one of the strongest heavyweights and invests a lot in physical preparation and fitness. After this defeat, he won twice against Chisora, who is a tough nut to crack for everyone. Then highly ranked Parker, Rivas, and Wach. Unexpectedly, he lost the first match to Povetkin by a heavy knockout. He decided to box with Povetkin to outwit him. And in that segment, Povetkin is three classes above him. Great diversion and sent Whyte to sleep. In the second match, he did not repeat the mistake. He put pressure, went strong and frontal on the Russian, and knocked him out.

This match is definitely a clash of styles. A technician and a man who outsmarts his opponents and moves a lot, and a man who pushes more frontal boxing, strength, fitness, and kicks from close range. The championship fight is planned for 12 rounds.

PREDICTION: Tyson Fury by KO TKO or Disqualification
ODDS: 1.80

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