Panathinaikos vs. Olympiacos Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jun. 14, 2022 20:00 CET

June 13, 2022
PAO vs. Oly

Olympiacos won against Panathinaikos without any problems in game number one of the Greek League finals and they will now try to achieve triumph in OAKA as well.

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Panathinaikos played a terrible game number one against Olympiacos. Already after the first quarter, it was clear that they had nothing to hope in that game. After ten minutes of basketball, the score was 23:4 for Olympiacos, and even much better teams than Panathinaikos wouldn’t be able to return from such a deficit in Piraeus. It is ironic that despite such a bad game, Panathinaikos had a better three point percentage than their opponent, but they were powerless in the paint. Olympiacos frontcourt players have been too dominant and that is something that will be hard to change in this Greek League finals. It is already known that changes are coming in this club during next summer. Georgios Vovoras almost certainly won’t remain head coach, and it is expected that a lot of new players will be signed. For several years now, Panathinaikos has been very close to the bottom of the Euroleague table and the first task is to become contenders for the top 8 and place in the quarterfinals again. In this series against Olympiacos, they are complete outsiders and it is hard to believe that they can become champions.


On Saturday night, Olympiacos only confirmed how big the difference in quality is between them and Panathinaikos at the moment. Red and Whites played Euroleague Final Four in Belgrade a month ago and one ball separated them from a spot in the final game, while Panathinaikos is certainly not among the top20 European clubs in terms of quality. Olympiacos’ primary goal for this season was to win both trophies in Greece. In the national cup, as expected, they defeated Panathinaikos in the final game, and now they are leading 1-0 in the Greek League final series. Kostas Sloukas played excellent in the first game, while Moustapha Fall was unstoppable in paint and Panathinaikos at no point found a way to slow down the center from France. In the second game, Olympiacos will have a more difficult task because there will be over 15,000 Panathinaikos fans in the stands of OAKA, but earlier in the season they showed that they can win in such a fiery and hostile atmosphere.


These two clubs have played against each other a total of six times this season and Olympiacos are leading 5-1. Panathinaikos won the first game played in the Greek league last November, after which Olympiacos won five times in a row against Panathinaikos. This final series is playing at best of 5 and Olympiacos leads 1-0.


Stefan Jovic is injured and he won’t play for Panathinaikos, while all other players in both teams are available.

PAO vs. Olympiacos Prediction

The difference in quality between these two teams is too big and it is tough to believe that fans could play such a big role to help Panathinaikos to made a surprise. Olympiacos certainly want to end this final series as soon as possible, and a win in game number two would be big step towards.

Date and Time: 14.06.2022 20:00 CET
Pick: Olympiacos -3
Odds: 1.73
Bookmaker: 20bet

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